Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Year 2, Day 15: Recovery and Preparation

As always, Saturday is our Sabbath and Sunday is our day to prepare for the week.  I really love routine.  I stayed in bed because of vertigo yesterday, but woke up fine today.  I had taken a Dramamine last night and will take a half dose tonight just in case because we have co op tomorrow.  Since I was up and raring to go today, I tried to be super productive, although I wasn't behind at all.  We finished cleaning out a corner of Keturah's room, worked on sewing her sock monkey, ran through the abbreviations of the 50 states, listened to many podcasts, fixed my jeans, made an apple crumble (that I couldn't eat, boo!).  I made a maple walnut apple oatmeal bowl for myself, so I would have something sweet to eat.  Jared read his book and Abishai played. The middles played Minecraft and Benaiah did homework, and then went with his friends to a trampoline playground called Skyzone..  And of course they have youth group tonight, which Jared took Abishai with them so he could run around church for awhile and wear himself out.  Jared actually took him to his parents house and Abishai wanted to stay, so he did and had a grand time with Grandma and Grandpa.  He was saying, "ve, ve, ve" but he meant "whee" because he and Gary learned a new trick to do together, spinning in a circle.  I'll get a video and post it at some point, hopefully.

Oh, yeah, the electric bill doubled because of the colder days (electric heat) plus a check did not get sent correctly and needed to be canceled.  We've had some long phone calls to our bank on that, and some other financial things.  We have to start putting aside money for taxes because we get a housing allowance and as "ministers," even under a W-2, we are exempt from some of those taxes and don't have to pay with each paycheck.  That's not exactly it, but my accounting brain is not in the game yet.  I'll get there AFTER we throw our stuff at a tax preparer this year to figure out.  Working in two counties in 1 year causes headaches with tax prep, that's for sure.  So, hopefully that will all straighten itself out soon.

I didn't take any pictures today, but here's what I got on my phone the last few days.

The kids immediately recognized this 3D sign! by Robert Indiana all thanks to Mrs. Trixie in art class!

I had to keep walking backwards to fit it all in!

At the Imax theater at the Indiana State Museum.  Cool!

Coloring a clothespin to add kindness to the world.

Making new friends.

The fastest way to make new friends, get them all in a tight circle!

Made in Indiana beautiful horse costume!

An old device to make sausage!

The earliest video game console!

The whole front of "School #5."

I've been working on my Scrabble skills using this phone game called Word with Friends.  Here's some of my stats.

Favorite new food: cottage cheese!

Just need to finish the monkey's smile, nose and eyes.  It was much too complicated for a beginner sewer, but Keturah did learn how to do a blanket stitch today!

Justin came up with a plan for his Minecraft game.

Part of Abishai's new bedtime routine includes reading stories with Mama and doing fingerplays in our favorite nursing chair.  This is the Bible we use right now.  He knows which one is the Bible, and we sing the B-I-B-L-E, too.

Abishai's favorite story is Abraham and Sarah with baby Isaac.  He asks for the "mama" story each and every time.  And he recognizes that he's the baby.  Aw, cute!

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