Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, January 27, 2017

Year 2, Day 27: Busy, busy!

Yup, back and forth, chaos, mood swings, tickle fights, yup, that's only a sliver of what you get with 4 kids, two parents, two grandparents, and a dog in the middle!  Yikes!  It's always hard to write a post when you've had a rough go of it with one of your kids.  That was yesterday.  I won't elaborate.  And I have to put that aside for now, because it's another kid's turn, or a Lilla Rose Boutique/party in this case.  So, I'm writing the blog earlier in the day because I know I'll be home super late tonight.

Yes, today we got a little school done, I got the rest of my stuff prepared for tonight, Jared and Benaiah got packed up to go on a men's retreat with Gary, we discovered another leak under the sink, etc.  My back feels terrible and no concoction of pain meds are doing the trick.  We DID have a DUSTING of snow this morning.  It's now pretty much gone of course.  I joke when I see the weather  app on my phone when it indicates snow with a snowflake or two by saying, "Oh, look, we are going to see A snowflake!" Yup, still not over the lack of snow, sorry...time will heal those "sorrows."

Staying on task is one of the hardest things for us these days.  From schoolwork to eating at the same time for meals to chores.  It's so easy to go play a game or watch a TV show with Abishai.  Gotta make more lists and check them often.

Keturah put her shawl on Abishai and he just left on without a fuss.  The word "papoose" comes to mind.  And yes, a kitchen full of cars, ugh!  So...tired..of...cars...everywhere!

He looks like he has a monster arm.

He loves his hooded towels as well. 
Just playing together for a few minutes between activities.

Abishai's favorite breakfast is cheese nips, animals crackers and vanilla wafers.  So, today, he finished off the cheese nips and said, "All Gone!" Then, when I wasn't looking, he poured the rest of the animal crackers in the bowl, emptying the box and again said, "All Gone!"  I said, "Um, no, you can't have all of them" and took some back.  He was not pleased with me.

Snuggle time!


Gorgeous flowers!

Many flowers!

Even the broken flower wanted to bloom!  I probably should put it in a cup with water and see what happens!

Justin is now the car carrier.

Funny story.  I asked Benaiah why he had this sticker on his sweatshirt and this is what he told me.  His class, the 9th graders, in English, couldn't put vocabulary words in ABC order, no joke!  So, Mrs. McCollum had them put the months of the year in ABC order.  The kids jokingly said, "It's Kindergarten Day!" So, Mrs. McCollum gave them stickers like they were in Kindergarten.  Oh my goodness.  Really? I don't know how she can handle these kids because I have no patience for this stuff.  She laughs with them and loves on them anyway.  It helps that she has two teens of her own.

Having a quick Bible homework check before the men head out for their retreat.  Yes, we need a bigger couch, and room to put it.  Too many long legs! Lol!
Well, I'm off to go have some styling our hair with Lilla Rose flexiclips, headbands, bobby pins and hair sticks!  If you need a girls' night out (or in) let me know, and we can set one up!  Good night!

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