Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, January 6, 2017

Year 2, Day 6: A fun day out!

The world looked beautiful today with snow covered roads (snow on top of ice so be careful) and clear blue skies!  It was below zero windchill!  Now THIS is what winter feels like!  And this was the day we were going to be gone all day! An appointment this morning and a playdate this afternoon, so Abishai spent the whole day with Daddy and Benaiah.  We had a great time at our playdate and it was so energizing just to sit and be with a friend for a few hours.  Ah.....maybe I need to make Fridays our playdate/field trip day (one group I'm in does most of their field trips on Fridays, so it would work well).  We'll see!
Some of the friends we hung out with today.

While we were away, we got a shiny new sink!  

Someday thinks he 's the king of the couch and the remote.  Check out how he positioned the pillow behind himself all by himself!

After a crazy day, the in laws are finally on their way home!  They had been at the same airport at the same time as a shooting today where 5 people died, at least 4 more injured in Ft. Lauerdale Florida.  The shooter was apprehended pretty quickly.  He had been shooting in the baggage claim area.  They had already boarded their plane, and thankfully were cleared for take off to Washington/Reagan airport in DC.  They had already been rebooked once because they couldn't go through Atlanta because of that mass of storms you see in the bottom part of the picture.  The south is getting a nasty ice and some snow storm.

Approaching Indianapolis!  We used to be in the direct flight path of many airplanes from the east when we lived in Beech Grove, which is slightly southeast of downtown Indianapolis.  Now we are all the way on the east side of Indy, and therefore, rarely hear the planes.

Home, Sweet, Home!

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