Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, May 2, 2016

Day 123 Back to the grind...

After yesterday's Sabbath rest, I was able to dig right in to work today.  The kids were a bit slower, but we did accomplish much.  I even left a list for them to do with Dad while I took Benaiah on errands with me.  And the list got done!  I need to take some "after" pictures to show how much we actually have accomplished.  It never seems like alot because you are always adjusting where each box goes, what has been sorted and what hasn't been yet, etc.  Keturah's room is mostly done, so we are using it as a holding space of other done boxes.  I plan to finish Justin's room to a certain point next, and then tackle the basement again later in the week.

Meanwhile, Abishai got some more outdoor time and a special one on one walk with Daddy tonight.  I was too busy to take a picture, oops!  Jared's gone all day tomorrow, so I'll get more Mommy time with him.  And the middles spent more time outside again on another lovely day!  I anticipate some stormy weather coming, and to be honest, it's easier when they are not underfoot and squabbling and getting things back out that are already packed, etc.  I've left some boxes open because I can squeeze a few more things into them or I want to match certain pieces together as we find them again.  Some might toss things like that, but I've been known to match many socks and many, many toys to their full capacity that way.  And while I have the time, I will give it my best.

I also gave away many items today, and it was awesome to see that they were going to homes that will actually use them.  I made one lady's day today who has a young one who loves Frozen and can't afford things like an Olaf pinata'.  Ours was a pullstring kind where you pull on a string on the bottom and the candy falls out without ruining the whole pinata.  So, she'll be able to reuse it!  We have a Facebook page called Island Mothers Helping Mothers which exists to help others in need, so all items are free.  People make requests for food and clothes all the time.  The rest of our stuff goes to a local charity/resale place called Bibles for Missions, which is like Goodwill, only run by Christians I believe.  I've seen the same employee there every time I've dropped off stuff!  I probably should get his name next time we stop by.

Ok, here's the couple of pictures I got from today.

A view of the sunrise from the upstairs window.
I got to see the sunrise since Mr. A decided it was a good time to get his morning milk!
I walked right past the display of everything for Mother's Day and straight over to everything for Teachers at Indigo today, go figure!  Here's one of the mugs I found!
Yup, I concur!
Abishai tolerated the fireman's hat today! Cuteness overload!
Mr. A had bacon for breakfast and lunch today.  He didn't want it ripped up, but worked on the whole strip by himself.

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