Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 146 Thunder rolls.

Ok, I tried to cut down on the number of photos from today, but, each one tells a story!  We went out to Greenwich Bay and the sand dunes after a little bit of work in the basement went on today.  We will miss the ocean and the peacefulness found there, even when the thunder is chasing you all the way back to the car!  Thunder is a rarity on the Island and Jared kept saying, "I miss this from Indiana."

Abishai deliberately put the blanket over his feet so he could email on my phone just like I do or Daddy does.

Peek a boo eyes.  And a indy car racing hat!

We found a ton of these fathers in a circle with a diameter of about 6 ft!  Looks like the downy feathers of some birds.

On our way out to the beach.

When you have to climb the sand dune, you "wear" baby in a stroller.

Looking back on the water behind the dune.  It's a long, long walk, but worth it.

One of the sand dune peaks.  You HAVE to stay off of the sand dunes themselves.  They are constantly changing because of weather, but also, the ecosystem is fragile.

(Random pic because I pulled  in pics from several sources to day).  There are 44 trees that line this street and every time we drive down this street, the kids would count the number of trees.

There was actually no steps down to the beach because they needed repaired from over the winter.  But, Jared and Abishai found a way.  Abishai loved touching the (cold) water, and didn't mind the sand.  He's a true Islander!

Storm clouds rolling in chasing us all the way to the car.  Jared had me walking huge strides and let me tell you I'm going to be sore tomorrow.  Still, see that mist way over there?  That's rain!

Selfie with the sand dune.

Selfie at the beach.

I'm always fascinated by this kids' hair.  Fine and straight in the front, textured and curly in the back.
Keturah figuring out in what order Grandma should sew buttons onto some felt for a project.

Fazoli's for breakfast!  Or rather brunch since they had to get up really early (4am?) to get Grandpa to the airport, and then they went home and went back to sleep again.

Learning how to count American money.  Poor Keturah is only familiar with Canadian coinage.

Time for a manly chat?

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