Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 135 Friends are Friends Forever

(if you don't get the title, just ask me.)  Today we opened our home up to our friends here on Prince Edward Island so that they would have a chance to stop by and say good bye.  We'll see some of them again, but they won't see Justin and Keturah who leave in 2 short days.  Justin is starting to react negatively to leaving.  He's very sad.  I didn't have to move at his age (which is the same age Benaiah was when we moved 4 years ago, and the same age Jared moved when they went from IL to IN), so I can not really identify with it.  I did change churches between 8th and 9th grades though if that counts.

Anyway, Abishai was showing off all his antics, including lying on the floor on his back and kicking his feet so he could see our reaction.  He's such a handful! But he and Socks LOVED getting all the extra attention.  They make quite the pair.  Grandma took Benaiah out for some errands in the middle of the day, and then took Keturah to her last gymnastics practice (for her).  Bittersweet.  We kept the open house going from 10-7 to give everyone a chance to come and we had a steady stream all day.  I didn't serve food or drinks or even decorated (although I did move boxes to a bedroom so there would be some room to move).  Simple conversation with friends.

And now this introvert is exhausted.  It's well worth it though.

ooo, pretties!
ssshhh no girls allowed! friends from church

a disco party!

favorite nursery helper

A great friend to both of the middle kids.

Sharing the dinky cars

Minecraft with friends

Sharing a lap with a friend

The non smiling crew

What do you have, bubba?

Flowers from a firend.  I got lots of other goodies too.  Beautiful!

Running out to the floor to get started or after a water break.

Aw, look at her!  She's learned a ton in a short amount of time!

Thanks, Grandma Leah, for capturing these pictures while the rest of us visited with our company.

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