Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 140 Outdoor time!

Another full day.  Made some progress, although my shoulder hurts so much from walking the dog while pushing the stroller around the block.  Whoops!  So, the day started slow for me.  But I did get rid of some dated jewelry and perfume.  And we finalized what we were taking from the shed.  Lots of stuff to giveaway this weekend.  We also got to play at the park, which is always cool to see the "bookends" playing together.  14 year olds are a lot like 15 month olds.  It's very sweet!

It was a bit dusty, but Abishai loved playing in the magazine rack I got out to pack up.

Nothing like eating freezer jam from last June!

Teenage Mutant Ninja COWS! From Cows Creamery.

Benaiah got to spend some gift money recently on a drone, which is like a mini helicopter you can fly.

I got in the picture this time!

Never too old to swing!

Never too young to swing!


Benaiah is now bigger than the dog!

We've had this chair and table set for many years, but need to throw it away before we move.  But Abishai will get to enjoy it while we are still here.

I pulled this beauty out from under my bed today.  My very generous in laws had my wedding dress preserved for me.  I am very grateful because my mom did the beadwork on it, while a friend did the sewing of the main parts.  I asked Keturah if she'd like to wear it someday and she said no! Well, we'll see.

My doughnut and I'm NOT sharing!

Grandma Leah couldn't get any pictures of the middles adventures today, so I'll try to describe them.  Keturah did some homework at the island where she sat on not one, but TWO cushions like a queen! And Justin did his homework at the tall table, complete with a coaster I had made of him peeking out of a pumpkin house and he had his tea on it.  They got to play with the neighbor girl today, who has one of those motorized kid jeeps.  They also washed Grandma's car and went to a new playground.  When I talked with Justin tonight, he said he was using his creativity to make up a new comic book.  Grandma and Grandpa are certainly keeping them busy!  And that's awesome.  I couldn't do that with them here, and I knew they were bored.  I'm glad they are having tons of fun.  But the house is just a tad too quiet without them and Abishai really, really misses them.  Just a few short weeks left, and we'll be reunited again.

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