Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 136 Friends Part 2

Keturah and Justin with our neighbor Max

Today was the "middles," (Keturah and Justin) last Sunday on PEI.  They go with Grandma back to Indiana tomorrow.  It was an interesting day.  Our church prayed over us and gave us a beautiful gift of pictures of a lighthouse OR two baby red foxes peeking out of their den (the committee couldn't decide which one we would like better and to be honest, I love both!)  We saw lots of friends and enjoyed fellowship during our last potluck with this crew.  I'll miss our potluck Sundays! The sermon was on community, and it hit home pretty hard to me.  I will miss our Cornwall Christian Church community, and I know the kids will, too.  The church is growing and reaching out into the community well.  And who's going to tweet Pastor Mike's quotes? (Jared likes to quote him.) I don't know what to say except that it's sad.  And we'll miss them and they will miss us.

Then we had a quick playdate with our friends the Beukharts, again, because well, we love them!  They couldn't come yesterday to the open house, so we went to them.  And brought a new to them computer keyboard because theirs broke.  You try to write emails without the use of e-d-f-r-t, etc.!!  And of course we had Tim's coffee and timbits!

Then we had another little friend come over from the neighborhood to say good bye.  We'll miss his Lego dinosaur antics.  He may be loud sometimes, but he was a great listener and tried his best to quiet down when asked.

And finally, I tried to encourage the kids to play with us or Abishai, but they just needed some alone time.  They were all peopled out.  And, to be honest, I am, too.  Tomorrow, after they leave, I'll do some tidying up and then start back in to packing.  It's been a great, but long weekend.

At Cornwall, the kids get to help with collecting offering and they LOVE that job!  Not because of the money, but because kids LOVE helping!
Keturah with our special friend Kim Dewar.  The Dewars were so helpful when Abishai was born and have been friends every since.  She bought Keturah a shirt from Jamaica and gave it to her today.
Justin with his friend David.  Fun fact, David is 18 months or so younger than Justin.  Justin is a short little guy!
Amy and Keturah and a couple of other friends on top of the newly built "bleachers" in the kids' room in the basement of the church.  They are comfy and beautiful!
Justin and Amy, again, lol.

Justin, sporting the hat that Jim Dewar gave him today (which happens to match his shirt, go figure) and Keturah with our great friend and MCC graduate Megan Davies.  She's been around since day 1 and her first year at MCC was our first year at MCC.  She LOVES kids, and LOVES people, and is the SWEETEST young adult you could ever meet!
Justin and Keturah with all the Beukhart kids.  What a crew!
Last night in their beds on PEI.  So sad.
Sweet story: Abishai was rolling around alot in his bed so I overheard Keturah singing to him.  They usually go to bed at the same time and she's so helpful to him.  I know it's going to be a hard month without each other.

Ssshhh, don't wake a sleeping baby! Thankfully, he was in a deep sleep when I went back in to take pictures.  And of course, the teenager was still awake, so I didn't get a sleeping picture of him.  But he better watch it, because someday I will!

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