Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 142 Books, Dinosaurs, and a fire?

You are probably wondering what those three things have in common.  Nothing besides they were all part of our day, so let me explain.  I and Benaiah were at a homeschool conference most of the day, an the main speaker was someone from Answers in Genesis, the Ken Ham organization and part of the Creation Museum group.  So, one of the sessions was on dinosaurs vs. dragons in the Bible! Just so you know, you won't find the word "dinosaur" in the Bible because it wasn't invented until 1841.  Instead, you will find behemoth in Job and dragons, because the writers of the Bible knew those words.  And the way that the behemoth is described in Job sounds just like a brontosaurus!  Editor's note: apparently, a brontosaurus never existed.  I guess it was a pieced together animal from several other animals.  But the brachiosaurus still exists I think.  Who knew!  I grew up with brontosaurus.  Science theory and truths continue to change as new things are discovered.  Creation Science has been part of my life for a long time because my mom LOVED the subject!  So we have some of the original books about dinosaurs and creation from 25 years ago!  I think she would have enjoyed getting to see the full scale model of the Ark at the Creation Museum, that opens this July 7th!  It's kind of expensive, but I'm sure it's worth every penny!  Definitely put it on your bucket list!

I was in charge of the used curriculum and book sale, and there were plenty to choose from.  Benaiah helped me with that.  And the fire? Well, we went to an annual opening of the firepit party tonight with some great friends.  So, not related to homeschooling, but I met a woman there that knew a lot of my homeschooling friends in Summerside.  Here's what the middles did today!

Keturah keeping her arms strong for gymnastics.

Cleaning off "helicopters" from the soft maple trees from the roof and deck.

A gift from our friends from PEI who now live in Ohio.  Small world!  Justin and their son Micah were best friends while they lived on PEI.

Making new friends in the neighborhood.

Daddy was in charge of little man for 9 hrs today!  So, he took him on a very long walk around the neighborhood and through the woods, to places Jared hadn't gone before (but I had).  The story of the sand is that there were these piles of sand that Abishai had a blast scrunching his fingers up in and putting the sand back on the ground.

This is the view from our friends' house.  They've got a great view of the harbor in Charlottetown and can get out on the water straight from home!

Jared enjoying some time with friends.

This guy! He's plays the crowd all day long!  He took two long naps today so he was raring to go!  Here he is playing with an empty coke can for like 15 minutes!  He loved our friend's fancy camera, got licked by some little dogs, and babbled with everyone.

Straight across this part of the water is a park that we often go to near our house.

Abishai made himself at home and kept eating all the cheesy popcorn out of people's bowls and plates!  I don't think our friends minded that much.

Sharing with our friend Megan.

Ah, this screenshot had Benaiah and I laughing today.  This will be our new address! And from where we were today at the conference, it is approximately 1,234 miles to Indianapolis! Yes, that's a super long drive!

The picture on the left was a mummified dinosaur!  The speaker was explaining how Creation was approximately 6,000 years ago and that dinosaurs lived then . Mummies can't last longer than that!

My helper today.

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