Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 132 It echoes in here!

Thanks to an awesome friend, Justin, Keturah and Abishai were able to go over to her house for a long playdate while Leah, Jared and I worked on the house.  Benaiah was diligently working on his homework all afternoon.  I was able to clear out a section of the storage room sooner than I thought I would! We are two weeks in and I think we're 50% done.  I still have a bit of purging to go, but it's not too bad.

Meanwhile, crazy boy Abishai stayed awake the whole time at my friend's, so he was beyond ready for a nap when he got home.  We finally got him down around 6, and let him sleep until 8.  He wasn't happy when we woke him up, but he finally warmed up.  He loved staying up with the adults eating popcorn while the other kids went to bed.

And who knew we had so many games and puzzles!  4 large boxes worth!  I did eliminate at least 1 box worth.  Slowly but surely purging what I can.  Meanwhile, in the box, was the game Hungry Hippos and after the kids got going playing with it, I knew why I had hidden it in the first place.  It's loud!

Tomorrow's a new day with more packing with friends and dentist appointments for all. Fun stuff!


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Abishai adores Socks now.  We say, "Give the doggie a hug." and he'll do it!  He gives lots of pats too.

Popcorn time with Grandma.  After every bite, Abishai would give the "papal blessing" by putting his hands in the air and talking about his popcorn kernels.  Too cute!  He also stepped on the electronic piano to get it going and danced along to the music.  What a ham!

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