Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 143 Block parties and home parties.

We all had full, fun filled days.  I'm just going to show the pictures today, because it explains a ton.

The kids got to see Angry Birds with G'ma and G'pa and liked it.  Jared and Benaiah still want to go.  I'm don't usually care about seeing animated movies in the theater because I don't think they need the big sound to get the point across like you need for the big action sequences of the movies I like ;-)

The kids got to see llama's at an open house today! Beautiful! (The ladies are beautiful, too!)

Friend time at the block party they got to go to!

Skateboarding with his new friend, who is actually older than him! Justin finally isn't the shortest guy his age anymore!
We started the day out right with a big box of Tim's!  Actually, there were about 10 left from yesterday. 

This is about all the partying Benaiah does.

Best parties are done in your underwear, right?!

Ok, so I had an AMAZING photo shoot with this guy today!  I still need to get him to sit with some dandelions, but THIS is why I got an expensive camera!

We see his smile so much, but I hardly every get it capture right on the camera.

This is him, ALL DAY LONG!

These were Benaiah's when he was little.

Always having fun in the empty cupboard, even at Daddy's feet.

This one is for a sweet young person, Hannah, who handed this to me today.  She adores our family (and the rest of her family loves ours and vice versa!)  I just happened to put them in our bulletin today and they started to flatten out.  So, I'm going to keep them there, and "press" them as a reminder of our friends here on PEI.  Today's sermon was incredible!  It was on the topic of forgiveness and it was preached in such a way that I've never heard before.  I needed to hear that so much.  It is a big party this weekend as it's Victoria Day tomorrow.  Canada celebrates Victoria Day instead of Memorial Day.  But, essentially, the festivities are the same with BBQ's and firepits and games, etc.  We just don't have the Indy 500 and such to watch, lol.  Short and sweet tonight.  Enjoy!

P.S. THIS is the story I forgot! I was Facetiming Leah this afternoon to tell her I found sandals for Justin in one of the boxes and instead of Leah, I saw my friend Ginny's face! They were both at the same graduation open house (with the llamas).  How FUN!  It's great to see old friends, but I'll also miss my newer friends.  I can't wait to hug everyone here and there!  Bring on the hugs! (Ok, I guess I am Olaf now, i.e. I'm melting in this "heat" of 70 degrees AND I like warm hugs.  Maybe I've liked the north a little too much, lol).

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