Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, May 30, 2016

Days 147-151 When thy eye is pink!

Oh boy, oh boy, has it been a rough 5 days.  I developed pink eye, plus a toothache on Thursday and couldn't be on any electronic device for more than a few minutes until yesterday (Sunday).  So, that is why I've missed so many posts.  And, because I couldn't see very well, I have only a few pictures to share with you.  And with two kids not being at home, there's not many pictures of them.  It's going to be a very inconsistent month I'm afraid.  We pack the truck to move in two weeks from tomorrow, so that's June 14th.  Abishai, Benaiah and I will fly to Indy on June 15th, while Jared and others will drive the truck and van back.  It's an early flight, so I guess I will see the sun rise while we are sitting at the airport.  Straight to Toronto and then to Indy.  Should be fun.  That means, we are down to the wire with packing ourselves up.  I have some purging I can do, but don't have to do.  There are a few more bigger items to be given away.  (Thank goodness for charities!)  There's still a couple of tourist type things to do.  And of course the good bye's.  I still don't like moving.  I don't like the chaos and energy it takes, especially in the last few days.  I'm thankful for a place to move to and a plan for where things will go.  (I will have a huge schoolroom with all our books and supplies in it!)  Change is hard, but it's been good to purge and it will be great to start with a clean slat again.  I'm looking forward to seeing friends and visiting some familiar places like the infamous Children's Museum of Indianapolis.  I will be definitely getting a family season/yearly pass to that place again! It's one of the world's BEST children's museums! So, without further words, here's what we've been doing the last few days (well, everybody has been doing while I lay in bed with my eyes closed listening to every podcast I can get loaded onto my phone.)  Bear with me, these are out of order chronologically because I pulled them from different sources.  I feel it's better to get the pictures and stories published than to achieve perfection with them.  Thanks.

One of the sweetest people you will ever meet came over to play with us on Thursday.  Miss Megan has taught the kids in Jr. Church, house sat and dog sat for us, worked at the Chrsitian camp the kids have gone to, and she started and finished her BA degree at MCC while Jared worked there!  She loves people and we will really, really miss her smile and servant's heart.  We love you Megan!

Megan LOVED Socks and watched him while we were on vacation.

I'm so glad that we saved our ball pit/toybox! Time for kid #4 to enjoy it!

Meanwhile, kid #1's foot is many times bigger than it was when he was 18 months old.  Benaiah's favorite movie is still Finding Nemo.  Can't wait to see these on Abishai this summer!

Can you say mini me?

Benaiah teaching Grandpa how to play video games! It was hilarious to watch!  Gary, like me, has a hard time knowing which buttons to press when and how to move the joysticks.  I think we'll stick to our day jobs.

Big boy wants to use his utensils and growled at his fork when he couldn't do it right!  Plus, he gobbled his lasagna that Jared made!  He doesn't like the ingredients separately, but the combination of them was a hit!
Ready to watch the Indy 500 in a pub!

Little man enjoying his fries while Daddy watches the Indy 500.
Funny story: Jared actually called the restaurant to ask if they could get and be willing to show the Indy 500 on their TV earlier this week.  Yes, you can take a Johnson out of Indy, but you can't take Indy out of a Johnson.  He always HAS to hear/watch the race.  ALWAYS.  And he's NOT a sports person AT ALL.  There was no sound at the restaurant, but at least Jared got to see it.

We were scattered across the continent, but the Johnsons still found ways to watch the infamous Indy 500.  Jared watched with Abishai and Benaiah in a pub.  I listened on the radio.  And because the event was sold it, it was actually televised for the first time in over 50 years in the Indianapolis area so Grandma and the middles watched it on the big screen!  Justin showed me that on Facetime.  Gary was on a plane for part of the race.  And I'm not sure about the New Orleans Johnsons.

Doggies make great pillow for snack time.

Finally, the right drops for this irritating issue!

Having fun at the Children's Museum with some old friends. Oh, the train exhibit!  A classic!

Some old friends, who, don't seem so young anymore!  You lay on this device and it spins you around as you look up at the celing at this amazing 4 story colored glass sculpture designed just for the msueum!

A new friend!  This little curly haired beauty was born in another country just like Abishai was because we've both been on the mission field.  Can't wait to meet her!

Reunited friends in front of the carousel that was resides on the 4th floor of the museum that you can ride on!

A new playground at a park we know well!  We had our wedding reception there, and lots of other group get togethers.

It's hard to choose your favorite at Steak and Shake!

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