Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 127 Local Talent

From the talent of packing a book box to the talent of making fun of your own province.  That was our day today.  And yes, we made to almost 50 boxes of books for our household! Jeepers! We, Johnsons, love our books!  And board games.  It took nearly 3 medium UHaul boxes for the games and puzzles, and I KNOW there is another couple of boxes in the storage room.  I couldn't bring myself to get rid of any today.  When one child says to give a game away and the other child says don't give it away, what can you do?

But then this evening, Justin and I got to take in a book launch of a local comedian, Patrick Ledwell.  One of the first things I put on my to do list for this whole moving thing was to make sure I got Ledwell's book before I left.  I heard him give his "I'm an Islander" sketch when Prince Charles came to visit and enjoyed it a ton.  I borrowed his book from the library, and now I have a signed copy ;-) There's some adult jokes in there, but overall, it's great to make fun of your own culture.  But it also made me sad to realize, once again, what a wonderful place PEI is and how accessible to local talent everything is.  I can decide, "Oo, tonight, there's a book launching!" and be at that book launching in 5 minutes b/c it's actually on the same street on which I live, just a couple of miles downtown.  PEI is such a unique place.  I'm sure going to miss it.

Friends let friends watch them play video games.

Laura packing up the music books.  3 boxes of music books for a pianist is reasonable, right?

Still playing video games.

I'm so glad I bought these.

A quick date night.

He just likes the Star Wars cover.  I don't think he understands all the jokes.

Mr. Ledwell read from the book, but it was still funny.  I'm so glad I got to go!

Proud moment of the day: There was a little gallery of local artists at the Guild where the book launch was (and where Anne and Gilbert the musical is put on in the summer), so we quickly went through it.  There were all kinds of types of paintings using all kinds of methods.  We got to this one and Justin goes, "That's an impressionist painting, right?" Yes, son, I think it is! He had been paying attention when we were studying Renior and Monet.  Good job!

You can visit Patrick Ledwell's website at: http://www.patrickledwell.net  and you can find him on YouTube as well.  The "I Am an Islander" sketch is THE BEST way to get to know PEI culture, I tell ya!  Now, g'way with ya!

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