Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 172: All caught up!

I think we are finally feeling a bit caught up with our emails and to do lists.  And the blog is finally up to date!  Not perfect, but up to date!  So many thoughts and ideas and emotions have been running through my had this past week.  I can't believe that we loaded the truck 6 days ago, and unloaded it 3 days ago.  We just keep plugging away at it bit by bit.  Jared is handling the phone calls to utility companies and all the financial paperwork and money handling you do between countries.  We had an appointment today where God's handiwork was evident.  Then I puttered around this afternoon at a much slower pace and empty a few more boxes.  Overall, it's been a quiet day.  Justin, Keturah, Grandma, and Aaron, Shauna, Nora and Everly are driving up from New Orleans as I type this.  They will drive through the night as usual, and arrive around breakfast time.  Justin is very ready to be home near his legos and away from the girls.  We are even planning a guys' night with video games and snacks.  So, I worked on finishing the clothes in the kids' rooms and making sure boxes weren't in the way and their bathroom (we have two bathrooms, yeah!) was ready.  Tomorrow I will tackle the closets and laundry room.  Here's a few pictures of what we have done so far.

I have a shoe drawer! We couldn't put these drawers under the boys' new bed, so I get to use them.  Yes, this is about 3/4 of the shoes I own.  I really don't have that many shoes.

All my clothes fit in one closet!  Winter and summer shirts!

Jared did a huge purge of his clothes before we left, but I'm sure I'll use the closet for something.

My new desk with lots of nooks and crannies!

Piping plover like on PEI on our new shower curtain!

Clearing up the boys' room.

New to us bunk beds!

Boys' clothes hung and Lego area ready for assembly! 
I'm turning the linen closet into the game closest.  I think this might be 1/4 of our games so far.  Linens will go in each of the bedrooms, with towels under the sinks.

Current set up in Keturah and Abishai's room.  She won't be happy that she still has to share, but I'm not sure how else we would fit Abishai in the boys' room.  Abishai is learning not to stand up too quickly so he doesn't hurt himself .

Clean, decluttered kitchen ready for service!

Empty boxes!

Dining room turned living room.  Still needs a bit of work.

Jared is in the middle of paperwork and the baby gate is in the garage, so, we made a barrier with boxes.

Interesting half wall.  I'm promising myself that this space won't get cluttered.  But it is a good place to put stuff that we need when we leave and keep it up away from Abishai.

Yeah, I found a perfect spot for the clock!  Can't live without a clock in nearly every room (and kleenix and a trash can, in every room!)

We bought this little pool for Abishai to use maybe at home or at Grandma's house.  Then we though it would be great to catch drips if we put water in his new sand/water table.  Then, it became the perfect ball bit!

Yes, really, he's that cute!

Not scared of laying down in the all the balls, and he was playing the harmonica at one point.

The big one cutting a huge watermelon!

Looking out over our balcony.

Benaiah's reaction when we told him he could go to CIY Move conference.  I think he's a little pumped.  It will be great for him.  I loved  the CIY conference I went in high school.  Wahoo!

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