Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 174 Cousin fun in the sun!

Despite feeling sluggish, I did accomplish a little unpacking.  I started getting frustrated, because it's getting harder and harder to find places for stuff.  I feel like I should purge even more! But then I have to remind myself that our things were strewn across three floors in Charlottetown, and a lot of it was in storage and not used.  So, I need to use it, and mostly likely get rid of it if I don't.  Meanwhile, the girl cousins had a good day with Grandma, including a trip to the Children's Museum.  Then they had a grand time zipping up and down the driveway playing with Abishai and each other.  We only see the NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) crew once a year, so it's great when we do get to get together.  It was a tad cooler today, but still very humid.  Not my friend.

Keturah got two new huge Lego sets for her birthday.  One of them, they put together in New Orleans and the other one, they saved for rainy days like today.  It does take the girls a bit longer than Justin does when building one.

Aww, Keturah has a runny nose, so she snuggled up with Grandma while they watched a skit.  Yes, she does look a bit like Grandma.

The girl cousins in front of the merry go round at the Children's Museum.

Big hugs after 5 weeks of not seeing each other.  They really did miss each other a ton!

My girl sporting a new hat, a new shirt, and a new bike!

Lots of fun bubbles!

Abishai didn't understand how to blow the bubbles, so he ate them instead.

Socks stayed in the front yard while the kids played, until, a person walking a dog came through.  Then, off he went to make friends!  Justin misses his dog!

Bike riding time, or not!

Daddy and Keturah took a ride around the block.  Abishai wanted to greet them when they got back.  

Justin's new go to color is lime green.  He also owns a pair of running shoes that have lime green stripes.

Yup, a Johnson profile.  Abishai with Uncle Aaron.

This kid can climb!  We have to push all the chairs in at the table or he's up on the table.  Nothing is outside his reach!  He got on top of his garage like this all by himself AND got down all by himself.

Twins, again, playing the video games.  Father, son, bonding time I guess.  Now that we found the power cord to the new TV.  It was hidden in a box that I hadn't packed but someone had left for us.  So now, we have the big TV in the living room.  Yeah!

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