Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, June 27, 2016

Day 178 The lazy, hazy days of summer.

Usually you associate summer with BBQ's and swimming, which we haven't really done either one yet.  But we did have some grilled kabobs for supper with the Johnson clan! Yum!  We have a splashpad nearby, but just haven't put all the gear together to make it happen with Abishai in tow yet.  I could just take the older kids, too.  Now that most necessary boxes are unpacked and half the house is decorated, I can breathe and play more.  I have some digital work to do to find some homeschooling friends for the school year in this area, as well as purging files, etc. and some misc. projects that are very self contained.  Anyway, today was church, as always, which felt a little better to me than last week.  Still not so sure about being back.  Again, this is only my feelings.  The rest of the family seems to be enjoying it.  So, if you ask if it's good to be back, don't be surprised if you get a mixed response from me.  Honesty is my policy.  Then it was home for lunch and Sunday afternoon naps, as usual! Then back to the Johnsons for supper with the cousins.  It felt great to be our family again, doing the Sunday "dinner" thing again.  I definitely have missed that not only because I don't have to menu plan or cook, but because it became a very big part of our routine for 10 years.  Many a kid nursed and napped in the spare bedroom.  The high chair was always available for mealtime.  We watched football games together.  If there was anything I didn't like about being on PEI was not knowing what to do after church for lunch.  Naps happened, yes, and then part of the day was for me to plan for the week.  But, we didn't have family to get together with.  I've missed that.  So, for now, we'll enjoy each Sunday we get to spend together, just like we did "in yesteryear," lol.

Perfect lighting on this picture.  Just playing with his carrot and his toes.

Look, Mom, I'm too big for the rocking horse now!

Silly Uncle Aaron picking his nose with Abishai's toes. (Not really, of course).

While Grandpa is away (at a meeting), Abishai will play with his buttons! (remote)


Socks really loves me! - Everly

Definitely related, blue eyes, blonde hair.

Also related.  But this picture is proof that once again, Jared will play games!
Uncle Aaron, can you help me ride my sister's bike? 

Last, but not least, my Grandmother Koski's china in a real china cabinet and ready for use!  Can't wait to host a tea party!

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