Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 161 Slow and gloomy with a ray of sunshine

It was one of those rainy June days on the Island.  June is always wet and around 65 degrees.  Not a great month.  But it helps the farmers and garden growers get a start on the short growing season.  Abishai and I took a trip up to a friend's house who we hadn't seen in awhile.  Their youngest is 6 months younger than Abishai but a couple of pounds heavier and probably an inch taller! We just have small babies I think.  The man and man-child did some box rearranging to see how we are doing on fitting into the 26 ft truck.  So far so good!  There is hope that we won't even need a trailer!  But we'll see.  I won't be upset if we have a trailer.  I'm just thankful I can relax now knowing that I've done my part.  It's my turn to watch Abishai while the men work.  But then I feel bad, so I did a little bit more, too.  I halfway packed our travel bags picking out outfits and such so I could put away the rest.  But there was no rush to the day, so I consider it a slow one.  Abishai is totally off his routine and food it seems.  I'm not sure what's going on, but I suspect it's either teeth or all this upheaval of moving.  I can't wait to resettle him so I can take care of his needs better.  Meanwhile, the middles did their things like every other day, except, they got to watch some guys put up a new fence in Grandma's yard!  Just in time for Socks to come and live with them for awhile.  Yeah!

That's our friend Zeke (Ezekiel) on the left with his big sister helping him.  There's a 6 month difference between the two.

Sharing the farm truck.  Zeke and Abishai did fight over a toy, but it was a silent fight.  Abishai kept trying to feed Zeke a teething ring.  I think he recognized that Zeke was younger and couldn't do what he could do.
Lots of boxes in the "truck" aka the living room.  Practice packing. 
Abishai wanted to help move the boxes.  Too bad Benaiah tried to make a funny face and ended up with  this!
I went through more baby clothes and found this.  It's Benaiah's 18 month Colts jersey!  Peyton Manning no less! 
That face!

oh, that face again!

What a face!

Keturah showing off her new outfit!

Grandma showing how tall the new fence is!  They decided to install a new fence because Socks can climb up chain link fencing (yes, he can!) and he'll be living with them for now.

It looks awesome!

My tender hearted boy overheard the neighbor kids having trouble with their pool leaking water.  So, he go the duct tape from Grandma's house and went and fixed it for them.  Sweet!  He's so grown up!

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