Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 168 The calm before the Storm

It's been crazy trying to get back the blog!  I sit down at night to type and I'm too tired to put thoughts together.  Plus, littlest man is still taking a late in the day 2nd nap, so he's been awake until 10pm afterwards! So, I'll try to backtrack.  This is the post for last Thursday, the 16th, Keturah's birthday! But it's our side of the story, since last night's post was to make up for their adventures with Grandma and the cousins in the last week.

Last Thursday was recovery day from loading the truck and flying to Indy.  We rested in the morning and then went to Meijer that afternoon to purchase all the new stuff for the house like trash bags, a trash can, a pretty towel for the kitchen, some cleaning supplies, a shower curtain etc.  Well, it added up fast and with the exchange rate (we are still using our Canadian bank account for now) it was a huge bill.  I knew Jared's eyes would bug out when he saw the receipt, and they did. But only for a moment.  We hadn't had a new trash can in 15 years! And to be honest, it felt GREAT to purchase NEW things for the house instead of just being gifted things or having hand me downs.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE gifts and hands me downs. 90% of what we own are hand me downs! I just needed a little retail therapy to congratulate myself for a job well done.  I hardly ever purchase new decor, either, so it was a thrill to pick out a new hand towel with lighthouses on it to match the outdoor rug the midles picked out for our porch that has a natuical ropes pattern on it.  Plus, the shower curtain has seashells AND get this: plovers!  Like the ones that are protected on PEI!!  Cool!  So, now, with the picture of one of the bays and the picture of some fox cubs, PEI will be represented in our decor, just like NH and IN, as well as Leah's side of the family, and Gary's, and my grandparents, etc.  These kinds of things mean more to me than any "modern" looking stuff.

Anyway, towards the end of the shopping trip, Abishai was walking behind the cart pushing it and didn't want it to stop when I looked at things.  He was going into meltdown mode and it was quite funny actually!  He's a very determined, picky little fella.

GRITS!!! Can't get them in Canada!

Weird to come to the in laws house and see your 11 yr old's handwriting.

And yes, weird, that the midles' stuff is here and they are not (they are in New Orleans).

Justin's notebook.

One of Abishai's new eating spots, and the last of the Timbits.

I didn't get to see any lupines this year, so, this is all I get!

Enjoying Gramma's swing with Benaiah's old Colts' shirt and Nemo shoes.

CHICK - FIL - A!!!!!

13 years ago, Benaiah was the little guy on the right, same playground.

After 39 hrs on the road, the men arrived!  Praise the Lord!!

Socks has to stay with Grandma and Grandpa because he's too big for the condo, so here he is enjoying a romp in his new backyard.  Abishai was overjoyed to see his "woof, woof" and tried to keep up with him!

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