Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Day 177 A little talk, a little work, and a little play.

While the guys did a little bit of repair work around the condo, my friend Alisha and I got to work on the china cabinet and hang about half of the big pictures.  We also had a blast catching up, and watching Abishai do his own thing.  It's hard to work when a cute toddler is showing off.  And I finished up the day working on our bedroom some more.  We'll need to go out to where some of our stuff is stored and get an inventory of it, and bring some of it back, soon, because I'm missing a couple of things.  No biggie.  The boys played together this evening for almost an hr tackling each other, and giggling, while passing a beach ball back and forth.

The funny moment came at dinner when Benaiah let out this weird loud belch.  Jared called it a "boiling lava lake bubble burp", at which Benaiah couldn't stop guffawing and snorting over.  Then I started laughing, while trying to drink pop, and it went down the wrong way, making it even harder to swallow.  We laughed hard for at least 10 minutes.  Oh, and Abishai started in with his screech laugh as well.  It was hilarious!

Keturah spent the day with the girl cousins again, keeping them company while Aaron and Shauna worked on a house project for her mom. Not sure what they were up to though.  Probably coloring, Legos, and reading books for the library summer reading program.  Oh, and bike riding.

Because Justin is using the black chair in his room, we decided to put some of my parents' things, and the pictures we got at their funerals, on this part of the mantle.  I'm going to add their favorite coffee mugs, too.

Miss Alisha taught Abishai a few more signs today!  This one is "please."

This is so quaint!

Alisha capture this beauty!

My babies!

Abishai looking out to the street from our porch.

This was taken yesterday, but these girls love to read!

Reading and snuggling.
Abishai showing Miss Alisha how he can swipe on the phone and play fruit ninja!

Look, brother Aaron! After 15 years, Jared finally opened up the Simpsons chess game because Justin requested it!

"Aw, he loves me!" - Justin

Three boys who brush together, stay together....

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