Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 164 Sunday traditions

It was a full day, but not many picture were taken.  The middles, Keturah and Justin, enjoyed their time at the 50th celebration of a church in Illinois that was where Gary had his first preaching ministry.  They got to sleepover at an old family friend's farm, complete with chickens!  Keturah enjoyed that!  They also ate all the cookies they were given yesterday and felt sick on the 3 hr drive to Illinois.  Whoops! Lots of sugar plus Gary driving equals carsickness!  They had a good laugh about it.

Meanwhile, we enjoyed a drizzly potluck BBQ at our church, Cornwall Christian Church.  A lovely friend made sure I had a GF dessert I could eat, so I asked for something chocolate and she delivered! Flourless chocolate cake with ganache.  Oh so yummy!  Thanks you, Amanda! Although it was naptime, Abishai loved being outside and just wandering in and out of all the big people.  When he got close to an embankment, he thought it was a step, so he got on his tummy and slid down!  It was hilarious!  He'll do that with any size step until he realizes he can just step down.  I guess he likes to be safe!

Benaiah had a good last Sunday at Connection Point, who happened to join others at Canoe Cove Christian Camp.  He had also slept over his friend's Qwyn's house again, so he brought him to church, too!

Then, it was naptime.  Abishai was so tired he slept almost 4 hrs!  I got to sleep hard for 2 hrs myself.  I'm so thankful that I felt like I could take the time to rest today.  Tomorrow will be full of errands, and then Tuesday is truck day.  But there's not much left to do.  I had to do something this evening while Benaiah used my computer for his video game, so I cleaned out more cupboards and this afternoon I washed Abishai's blanket and everybody's sheets.  That way we can just pack them up and reuse them when we get there.

It's work, but, I also like completing a challenge.  I'm just ready to go.  It's time.  One more lobster supper, and one more chat with some great friends tomorrow.  Sigh.  It's just one of those things you have to do in life.  Please pray for safety as Gary and our friends fly early in the morning and then drive the truck from Maine.  Pray for safety as we load boxes, that none would fall on people and no one would hurt their backs.  Pray especially for me and Abishai and Benaiah on Wednesday as we fly.  Abishai's been so cranky lately, and it's going to be a tough flight.  Pray for the men to drive safe and stop when they need to.  It's not a race.  It's a marathon.  Safety first.  And then unloading on the other hand.  It's evident God's got this.  How else would we feel ready and at peace?  Here's a couple of pictures from today.

For the bigger potlucks, our resident baker, Jason, makes wonderful cakes.  We got to bring part of it home.  It's not gluten free though.

Trying to keep the boy happy.  He likes to be pushed around in the stroller or a basket or a box because he thinks he is the king of the world!

Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes.  Daddy's belt.  A bible. Pillows and blankets.

Baba, can I play?

Apparently, we love our tea and coffee!  This is after I purged!  Eek!

These pictures are a record for myself.  I love organizing things, but not cleaning.  I hope these signs have been helpful to my friends as they have been to me.

This is part of the food we'll be donating.  We have a local food share facebook group that takes anything and everything, open and closed, cooked or uncooked food.  There are people who will redistribute the food as well.  There's a family of 8 desperately in need of food right here on the Island.  This is your neighborly reminder to give generously because so many are are in need!  I'm saddened to think that so many are hungry.  So, this isn't to post, but it is a reminder.

And as I type this, we are having a huge thunderstorm like we have in the midwest!  Jared is beyond excited about it! Nice!

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