Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, June 20, 2016

Day 169: Moving in Day

Friday, the 17th.  What a day! High emotions, lots of hard working people, lots of sorting boxes, a super tired baby, a flight of stairs, but we got it all done and in someplace in 3 hrs!  The beds got set up, but we opted to stay at the in laws one more night until pots and pans were found, and shower curtains put in place, etc.  I continued to work the rest of the day, so probably a total of 10-12 hrs, which I also did the next day, which hurt me in the end.  Live and learn.  The boys did great, even when I got grouchy.  And boy oh boy, it felt great to say, "that's it? surely there's more!" Nope, we really did bring less stuff and it shows! Much less to put away.  The putting away is one of the toughest things to do because your not sure what cupboard is best for which stuff.  We have HUGE closets with TWO upper shelves, so, for example, that's where linens and once a year (or lifetime) things will go.  The linen closet will be for board games.   We were able to put a bunch of the inside toy boxes outside on the porch because it's very sheltered and it hasn't rained, making space inside at the moment for other things.  I didn't get as many pictures that day, because I was struggling to keep Abishai happy and telling people where things go, despite the number system.  We used several methods of sorting as the day progressed.  And it's SO HOT!!!!!!  But, the good news is that we can already put the van in the garage! I was afraid we would need to use the garage for a couple weeks as a staging area, and because the guys' packing job with the schoolbooks along the walls, the van still fits!  Plus bikes and regular garage stuff.  Jared is VERY happy about that, and I don't blame him!  I hope to get more pictures in the next few days and get back to a regular blogging routine.  All the pictures are coming from my camera phone, and the memory has nearly filled on it.  Moving is hard and busy.  Not something I like to do for sure.  But, we are moved in!

Here comes the truck!

Formulating a plan and praying for the day.

When did these two become nearly men? Benaiah age 14, Caleb Edens, age 13 1/2.

Abishai with his new Canadian chair and nautical rug on our incredibly big carpeted covered porch!

Getting there!

The end!  Abishai would run almost back to the back of the truck, bu then back up the rest of the way, just to run to the ledge again.

We seperated the last bits into 3 piles, off site storage, garage, and condo and then moved the piles to their places afterwards.
Abishai helping build the beds.

Finally, our nursing chair!
The truck is empty! Ready to take back!

Having some fun with some old friends.  He couldn't get enough of playing basketball!

Abishai kept asking Caleb to play, and would walk right into their mini football game chattering for attention!

Having fun on the dolly!

Wait?! What?! Benaiah drove the van?! How CAN this be?! Yes, he did, and it was just to move it a bit, but still, he did it without hurting a thing!  It definitely made his day!

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