Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, June 6, 2016

Day 158 Friends are Friends Forever

Yes, that ONE song Michael W. Smith is famous for, at least outside his fandom that I'm proudly a big part of.  Because really, it so speaks to our hearts.  When you have friends like I have, we may span the many, many, many miles (I have friends on the other side of the world!), but we have stayed connected and watch our children grow and support each other through changes and daily life, and, and, and.  And well, today, we said our final good-byes to some of our favorite people here on the Island.  We didn't tear up then, but boy do I feel like crying now.
Grabbed this picture off of Facebook because Justin is in the green all the way on the left.  Crazy kids!

Hanging out at the ladies' crochet group!  My mom actually attended this group, and so did Leah's mom a few years later.  Yeah for tablets!
The local library does a point system for reading over the summer.  They can earn a maximum of 600 points for the whole summer.  Justin has already read 455 points in the first week! (it's a 6 or 8 week program).  Way to go Justin!  Here's what he got for his points.
Keturah got 180 points so far.  Wahoo!

Grandma makes the best homemade chicken nuggets!

Friends are Friends Forever
My friend Laura and I
Rachel with one of her daughters, Laura with her youngest son, Me, and our friend Jackie.

Sweet Laura made this awesome photo album for me with lots of special spots on PEI.  She wrote captions for most pages, too.  Just something to remember the folks and scenes from PEI.

The caption reads: "Can't have a good Canadian memory book without including our National Vehicle: The Snow Plow!!"  And yes, the snow plows are just like gigantic snowblowers with the rotating blades and they spray snow up on the sides. 
Great photo of Laura and her family.  BUT, she DID forget something!  Anne of Green Gables!  Come on, Kindred Spirits! (I'll never stop hearing that song in my head when I say those words.  Sigh).

The update on the house is that another friend came and helped me scrub the bathroom and rebox my parents' stuff.  Then after an afternoon out and about, Jared took down the TV stand and put the TV on the piano.  I worked on clearing off my desk for it to be taken away on Wednesday.

My new "office" in the dining room, next to a china cabinet, and next to a toddler slide.  Fun times!
This will be my new desk with lots of nooks and crannies!!  Can't wait!
And finally, there's just a couple pictures of poor Abishai.  I think he's battling a head cold because he's been much more lethargic and p;icky about eating and he's had a small fever sever times in the last 24 hrs.  He did learn how to go down the small slide at McD's though.

Ok, one more story, so Grandma took Justin to the store to buy him some new shorts.  Well, that little guy is so smart that he was telling Grandma how he can't get black shorts because black absorbss all the colors and theefore all the heat from the son and he would melt/die/waste away if he got two hot.  She convinced him that he can just wear them at home.  Yes, he's the picky kid.  I'm glad he knows what he likes and don't like and can articulate it.

The end...of today....

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