Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 182 Doggie's Turn

Well, today was Mr. Socks' turn for running an errand.  He's now been tested for heartworm, which was negative, no surprise since I was told there are no cases of heartworm on Prince Edward Island and therefore, they don't usually test for it and the animals don't take preventative, which was a huge savings for us, btw.  And he got his annual shots.  We used the F.A.C.E Clinic downtown Indy where you can get the shots done much cheaper than at a vet.  We did see our vet in Charlottetown earlier this year for an ear infection, so, I'm not that worried that he didn't get a full exam this time.  They will do a quick well check, too.  No appointment necessary, but be prepared to wait a bit.  The big news is that he's lost more weight.  He was 74 lbs when we moved to PEI and now he's 64.  He doesn't eat enough at all, so if my readers have any suggestions, that would be great.  I'll probably switch brands of dog food when he runs out.  We usually only buy the high end stuff and he eats it dry.  I think all of the moving and being in a different place and having extra people in the house might be affecting him.  He's also now 6 years old! And I could definitely tell he was more mellow today while we waited for his shots.  And his buddy, Benaiah, talked and made all kinds of annoying sounds while we waited.  Benaiah needs to say 10,000 words a day apparently.  Anyway, here he is:

Socks, 6 years old, starting to show his age.

Meanwhile, the girls and Justin had a blast today going to the library and seeing a live animal show!  Then Grandma took them to Barnes and Noble to get MORE books for keeps!  They had a hard time deciding what to buy because Grandma said she would only buy books on their reading level, and they had to love it enough to read it more than once.  The girls got some fairy stories and Justin ended up with a book about Minecraft, the game.  And Grandma got them special SCENTED bookmarks that look like sweet treats!  Oh boy!
Grandma had a sample of the one of the books they borrowed from the library on their website, so Nora started reading it!  She is an avid reader.  

This is a video which you can't play, but Nora and Keturah acted out part of the story Nora was reading, BFG.

I don't know the story at all, so I can't tell you what scene this is, but yeah for imaginative play!

They all had a great time at the zoo with the wild animal expert!  The person who came is from an organization that rescues animals that can't be rehabbed and put back into the wild.  The owl seen here, is blind, and you have to put it's food (mice) right near it or it won't see it.

Turtle power!!
A possum!

Whoops!  The girls had to have a lecture about washing their "vehicles" and how water actually rusts their scooters and bikes.  Well, at least they were outside having fun!

Wow, no picture of Abishai today!  That's because I actually DID take some cute pics of him today, but I'm saving them for tomorrow for a certain holiday that is celebrated on July 1st every year!  So, you can look forward to that!

This has a story.  The Family Christian Bookstore on Washington St. is located right next to the Aldi's that we are probably going to use as our main grocery store.  Anyway, Jared worked at the Washington St. location of FCB when he was a teenager many moons ago.  They were in a different location though.  While there, he bought this same exact picture and quote.  Mind you, this is like 20 years ago!  So, I took this picture for him to show him the price (which wasn't as bad as I thought, $150).  It is one of the large pictures we have that Jared is fond of and wanted to keep.  I find it interesting because Benaiah is 14 years old now, and in a few years, he'll be working somewhere.  My teen years seem like they were so long ago, and yet, I remember them well.  But tons of time has passed, seemingly overnight!  We've been to Canada and back.  We have 4 kids.  And we'll celebrate 15 years of marriage this July.  Time really does fly!  And this picture has lasted through several moves now.  What a testament to the lighthouse itself, immovable, like our faith in Jesus.  So very cool. 

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