Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Day 265: All quiet on the Northern front...finally

Jared's away overnight in KY, so that's what I texted him.  Then I asked him how the Southern front was doing.  "Fine." Yup, he's busy doing his thing.  It was a decent day, with school getting done with only a tiny bit of struggle, yeah!  Keturah had an appointment, and then I took her out to her favorite restaurant, Steak and Shake.  She got a shake, I got a meal, go figure.  Then we showed Grandma how the middles ride their new bikes, and she was thrilled.  It was still so hot here that we didn't stay out too long.  When are the 85 degree days going to stop?!  We are going apple picking tomorrow in the same orchard that we did since Benaiah was little and usually with our MOPS group.  But we'll have to wear shorts and t-shirts again.  It still doesn't feel like apple picking season if you are wearing shorts.  It never has to me all these years living in Indiana.  How am I supposed to wear a flannel shirt like my Dad did all those years?  Hm,...more on that tomorrow when it's 87 degrees on September 23rd!  (PEI peeps, I'd gladly trade snow for heat, yes, I most certainly would!)

Meanwhile, Abishai woke up from his nap rather unhappy (maybe because of the other loud children yelling outside his door) and earlier than expected.  It took 20 minutes and Keturah to finally calm him down.  He was screaming and crying and didn't want to be picked up.  Sigh.

Benaiah is on a retreat at his school, and it looks like they are having a blast according to pictures from Facebook.  (See pictures below).

Now it's quiet.  Ah......

When you are on a retreat with your Christian school you play games, games and more games!  And listen to some great non academic teaching!

The drop the smores into your friend's mouth while blindfolded game!
Seems to me more like camp, then a school retreat.  I'm so glad we found Southside Christian School!  I don't think I could have coped sending him somewhere else.  He did take all his nerf guns and bought more bullets for them so they could have a nerf war, too.  I bet he would have taken his marshmellow guns too if he had had more room in his bags.
Proof we were alive today.  Keturah getting some comic relief with Tom and Jerry.

Mr. Long legs and monkey toes reading his favorite book series.

Mr. Fluffbutt getting some reading time in as well.  His growl for the lions is impressive.
Look, Mom, it's the Shake guy, and the Fry girl, and the Hamburger guy!  She begs to play these games all the time.  I never have enough change (or skills or patience) for them.  Cute stuffies though!

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