Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 244: Oh no Vertigo!

Oh boy, what a day! Right before I went to bed last night, I felt an episode of vertigo coming on.  I woke up at 3:15 and felt ill.  Basically it hasn't stopped all day.  It's better now, but after talking with a friend who is an expert in balance and the inner ear (who knew?!), we think it might be benign positional vertigo, meaning, it comes on when your head is tilted a certain way and the fluid in your ears and calcium crystals float around put your balance off.  I'm just glad it's not related to food I ate for once.  I've been having episodes since I was pregnant with Abishai, but was told it was probably something to do with the pregnancy.  Anyway, this friend and I will go over what to do to prevent it and help it when I do get it.  It's treatable, but not curable.  Nothing serious.

So, Justin had to step in and be the "man of the house" today.  I reminded him how Benaiah had to do that when I was trying out different medications when Benaiah was 9 or so when I found out I had fibromyalgia.  Benaiah had to make lunch with the other two and keep an eye on them while I was lying on the couch overseeing everything. And that's what Justin had to do today.  Thankfully, our condo is all on one floor, so it was easy to see what was going on and give directions, one by one.  Justin made ramen noodles for himself and Keturah for lunch.  Keturah made sure Abishai had more peanut butter crackers and a full sippy cup of water.  They both brought their school books to my bed to work on, after only 1 reminder earlier that day when I told them what I expected for the day.  My mind was working; it was just my head that couldn't turn too fast.  So, we did most of our work for today, despite my illness.  As I wrote on Facebook today, I am grateful that Jared's two jobs are flexible enough to accommodate him going in late so he could get Keturah to an appointment.  I'm also thankful for homeschooling because one of the benefits is that the older kids were home to help with the toddler.  I'm glad today was planned as a home day and I all my chores were caught up so I didn't get behind today.  Oh, and the middles cleaned up their lunch VERY WELL!  I'm very proud of them actually!

I did finally feel a lot better after supper, so I did some additional clean up and sat outside on our porch because it was a gorgeous 74 degrees and breezy out!  We opened all the windows when we realized this and got some fresh air.  I wasn't comfortable taking the kids downstairs to the parking lot to play though with not knowing how dizzy I was going to feel.  But tomorrow is going to be nice, too.  Oh, what I didn't say was that the spinningness made me very nauseous, too.  Ugh.

Meanwhile, Grandma took Benaiah to and from school.  Benaiah got some great grades on his assignments and is caught up in all his classes.  His average grades are higher than the others from what I understand.  He's been a bit concerned that he hasn't studied enough and doesn't have time to also study for Bible Bowl, but I told him that we'll see how the first quarter goes and then talk about it again.  Super proud of his great grades so far!

Jared worked all day outside, so he's got a bit of a burn, but we are grateful for a job.  I was explaining the definiton of poverty to the kids today because we were studying Mother Theresa and where we fall on the spectrum of middle class, poverty, the rich, etc.  I told them that we are where we are because Daddy has one (well now two part time jobs that equals one full time jobs) job that makes more money than others one salary households do.  Because of that, some families have to have both parents working to make a living.  Justin thought that was sad that a parent couldn't be home with the kids.  And we got to thinking that our Canada money just ran out and Jared got his jobs a couple of weeks before that, so, our cash flow will not be affected this time, Praise the Lord!  And we found a second vehicle easily, thank you Jesus!  It may not be my ideal dream, but we're here now, and we'll make the best of it.

This is the way we homeschool when the teacher is sick. There are no substitute teachers in this school!

Because I was lying down wherever the kids were, I had a great perspective of how it feels to be a small person.  The world looks so different from down here!

Abishai thoroughly enjoyed having Mommy on his level all day long.


Time to wrestle with me mommy!

The first of the month means a new Flexi of the Month!  Super excited about this one called "Skye."


Dinnertime while Mommy rests on her bed.  The advantage of the how the condo is laid out with a long hallway between our bedroom and the living room.

Perfect weather.

The cow says, "Growl!"  Lol, I did try to get him to say "Moo" and he almost did!

Lining up cars, his favorite pasttime.

This is the "I know I'm cute" hands behind my back stance.

Brother and sister found a new game to play in the hallway with some racketball rackets.

"Put me in, Coach!"

Oh that face and that "I can do anything!" spirit!

Yup, this kid.

Whatcha doin', Dad?

Helping Daddy with a last minute project.

Marking the wall for the holes.

Screwing in the screws.

Oo, it lights up!

Ta-da!  They fixed the towel rack finally! 

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