Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 243: An Ordinary Wednesday

We had a little bit of a chaotic morning with Mommy having to do some scheduling of events for the next week.  But we made it through lunch, school, and then off to Bible Bowl and to eat at a steakhouse, which was doing a fundraiser for a charity.  The highlights are shown below.

Abishai is the most OCD of all 4 of our kids.  Lining up his cars everywhere!  They can't be on the shelf below my computer, they have to be ON my computer.

Abishai lined his cars up on the left side of the windowsill.

Then he drove them one by one to the right side of the windowsill, like you would the beads on an abacus.

No, he can't count yet,but I love how the cars are lined up plus the light shining on his face.

Today, the middles restarted their piano lessons with me!  I told them that it is required in our homeschool to learn how to read basic music.  I'm not expecting them to go beyond level 2 or 3 of this series unless they really want to.  I believe that once you learn how to read music, you can learn any musical instrument by just learning how each note is played on that instrument.  Plus, reading music uses other parts of your brain that other educational subjects don't use.  Keturah is in level 1A in the beginning and Justin is in Level 1B, about halfway through.  We will be doing ear training and theory as well.  I started formal lessons at age 9, so they are definitely not behind.

The middles were able to sit still and quietly through our lesson in MOH today on the history of modern day Israel today.  Israel is one of those countries that can be so confusing to know who is in charge of it any given moment.  And that's what I want them to understand that it's always been a place of conflict and I really don't think that conflict is going to end until Jesus comes back.  But, we are more concerned with the heart of each person there than who is in control of what border or piece of land.

Abishai noticed my figurines on the top of my desk today.  He keeps pointing at them for me to bring down so he can play.  Today, he had the Green Arrow defeat Ironman and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  That's my boy! (Scene recreated for effect.)
At the restaurant doing the fundraiser, this kids claimed he had never eaten a bloomin' onion before.  I beg to differ, but he was probably too young to remember if he had had one or not.  Glad he enjoyed it!

Drumroll.......our new to us pick 'em up truck!  Wahoo!  It's tiny compared to the full size red F150 we had 15 years ago, but it will do.  Plus, it's in great condition for being 25 years old!

Oh the advantages of having a truck!  Keturah kept comparing it to Uncle Aaron's truck and how they put bikes in the back of it when they went places in New Orleans.

So nice for being so old!  But check out the old style equipment!

Abishai and Keturah are in the truck bed and I'm looking out through the back window.  And yes, I had Keturah crawl through the window.  Fun!

Jared thinks I can learn to drive the truck because it's a smaller stickshift.  We'll see.  Oh, and cloth seats, yeah!  The Ford had vinyl that you always stuck to when it was hot.  There's no A/C in the truck, but summer is on it's way out so Jared says he can survive without it for now.  Perhaps we''ll fix it in the spring.  The Ford never had A/C either.

Roll up windows!

Benaiah and Grandma ate before Bible Bowl, Justin ate at home before Bible Bowl, and the rest of us went back and enjoyed a nice meal during the fundraiser while the boys were at Bible Bowl.  Here is Abishai eating a fried pickle!  He loved them!  But he totally rejected a roll, peanuts, croutons, all things that the other kids loved.

Keturah's first bloomin' onion.  She didn't really care for it.  And since Jared ate the rolls and fried pickles, it was up to me to eat some of the onion, so I did.  I'll be in pain on Friday, but it was too good to pass up!  I had sweet potato, carrots and broccoli, and steak other than that, so I'm good.

Jared lined up half of the fries in a row so they would cool off and Abishai continued the trend by lining up more!  He also was stir crazy laying his head on the table, playing peek a boo, standing up in the high chair and proclaiming to the rest of the restaurant, etc.  He did manage to eat some fries though.

We got Justin a burger to go and when he opened it, he exclaimed, "Oh wow!"  Yes, it's an adult sized burger.  He didn't finish it all, but I'm sure he enjoyed what he could in the dark in the backseat on the way home.

That's it! Until next time!

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