Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 245: Week 1 is in the books!

We finished our first week of homeschool very strong!  We got all our subjects in for the week, and all our co op homework done!  Phew!  Even when Mommy doesn't feel good, we made it work.  Super proud of the kids!  It was another gorgeous day, so while Daddy was finishing up working late, we went to the playground and tennis courts to play.  It was so much cooler than it has been and I loved it!  Windows open!  Cool breeze! Too bad it's not going to stick around.  Back to 90 degrees next week, blech.

I also kept an eye on the hurricane that hit Florida today because we have relatives and friends down, as well as friends on the east coast.  The maritime people are watching it, too.  They sometimes get the remnants of hurricanes, mostly heavy rain and crazy wind.  But everyone we know is safe and sound.  Praise the Lord.

This weekend is full of activity, so we'll see if I'll be able to post any of it.  I might be too tired!  Oh, and my friend came over and showed me a technique to make my vertigo go away.  Yeah!  I think it was subsiding on it's own, but now I know how to take care of it later.  I did feel pretty good the rest of the day.  This friend, Jenn, took time out of her busy day with her large family to drive all the way up here to see me, God bless her!  Including her 2 month old newborn!  Now THAT'S a super friend! I would have driven to see her if I could.  I had to postpone Abishai's immunizations today because I didn't think I would be up for it, and I wasn't.  Thankfully he's not behind at all on them otherwise.

So these two munchkins decided to get out a tennis racket and a raquetball raquet and play with them in our hallway at home.  I said, no way, I'll take you to the park instead.  So, without prompting, they are teaching themselves a little bit of tennis.  They played for a good 15 minutes!  Cute!

They understand a few of the rules, but really, they are just trying to hit the ball in any way they can.

One ball went out, so Justin was the big man to jump the fence.  I think he said something like he's a super fence jumper now.

I thought for sure this little guy would want to get down and run around the courts, but no, he wanted to be pushed around the courts like a king.  And this king held tightly onto his cars he brought from home for most of the evening.

There's an easier step for Little Man to use, but for some reason he likes this one.  He had to put his cars down to pull himself up, but then he'd pick up his cars and carry on.

Two dinky cars in one hand, and the other hand gets to drive!

He went down the pink slides all by himself on his bum instead of his tummy!  Big boy1

Tummy slide!

Nope, not quite big enough.

Abishai finally understood that it's fun to run around under the playground too.

Yes, he's hugging the pole.

Keturah managed to get in the baby swing. Meanwhile, Abishai wanted to try out the big swings.  I let him, but I had to hold on tight so he wouldn't fall off.

The big red spinning thing!  When Abishai got on, the two boys listened well and didn't spin it too fast.  They got a lot of compliments from me.  But Abishai didn't want to get off when I took him off, so I knew it was time to go home.  And then he jabbered about his adventures to Daddy when we and Daddy finally got home.

And just for fun, this is Gary yesterday after climbing his 20th mountain!  Over 14,000 feet tall!  So, while I lay on my floor all dizzy yesterday, he conquered this beast.  As some would say, "Beastmode!"  Not bad for a 60 year old!  Oh, and check out the snow!  It won't be long until we see that again, I think.  It is Indiana.  They get a lot less snow (boo!).  Congrats, Grandpa Johnson!

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