Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 258: Before...

Shoot!  I took a before picture of our haircuts (well, the kids) but not an after!  So, you'll see the before pictures here, and the after pictures tomorrow.  Abishai had woken up super early this morning, so he went to nap soon after we got home.  We got some schoolwork done, but needed to finish it as I was cooking dinner to make up for yesterday's fiasco.  No, I can't push it off because it's homework for co op.  And I'm trying to squeeze in a couple of other subjects that I deem important.  I just haven't realized how much Keturah would need help in the beginning.  Not her fault, nor her instructors'.  The kids in her "class" are 11, she's 8, and didn't finish her 2nd grade work.  She'll "catch up" to their level of homework.  And the instructors' also understand that if we don't get hers all he way done, it's no big deal.  Just need to tweak MY idea of the ideal and non ideal weeks look like.  I don't mind deadlines, because I'm the one who usually makes them and can tweak a lot of my personal deadlines, but in general, the kids aren't used to that.  And that's kind of on purpose.  So, that's a big part of this year, learning to be on someone else's schedule.  And if we decided we don't think it's best for us, we don't have to do it next year.  Especially if it causes Mommy to have too many "growth spurts" that she is not ready for.  The year's still young.  We'll persevere.  Jared left midday to join his Dad and the other two co leaders of their e2, eldership training, event, but will be back late night.  Then it's all day tomorrow.  While I'm grateful he can work with his Dad (how many people can say that in our world these days?!), I'm not used to Jared being gone so much.  Thus, more adjustments to the schedule with the demands of a toddler in the mix.  Nevermind teenagers.  No wonder I'm a mess at the end of the day! Time passes quickly that way! As Justin said, "Has it really been 3 months since we moved back?"  Yes, dear, 3 months.  3 long at times and short at times months.  Summer has come and gone.  Sigh.

The well behaved children of the day, especially during Mommy's haircut.  This is their "before" look.

"Before" look #1 Yes, his hair is that light in person!  And he did sit very well for our new hair dresser, Miss Janae, while on my lap.  He did NOT like mommy wearing a cape though.

Definitely time for a haircut for this dimpled face.  That dimple reminds me of my sister Stefanie's dimples!

Don't take my picture mom! Just a trim, but she will have a turn too.

Oh, this is great! Abishai looked into the big boys' room and indicated he wanted something.  He wanted two guns, one for himself and one for Justin!  He basically said, "come play with me!"

Out for our walk tonight while Daddy was away for the evening, we finally got to see up close the handiwork of those cement trucks of the past two weeks.  The kids love smooth pavement!

The kids watched Monsters, Inc. tonight, obviously.  I went in there to see if Abishai had fallen asleep someplace since it was late and he was quiet.  Nope, he was just where I had left him, in the stroller, watching the show from the side of the TV.  I tried moving him, but he got out and made me move it back.  Then he sat there happily while it finished.  Ok, fine.  Then I played "baby transport station" and transported him to get his diaper changed (which he hated) and then back to his room for pj's and sleep (which he also hated.  He just likes sitting on his throne!

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