Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 268: Feeling better

Well, I slept almost 8 hrs last night, so I had tons more energy today, yeah!  Justin and Benaiah had slept over at Grandma and Grandpa's, so we just had the youngest two at home for breakfast. We got up pretty slowly today, and in fact, I had to "dress" the bed several times because we all wanted to get back in it at different points.  I don't know why I said, "dress the bed" but Jared and I disagree on if the bed should get made or not.  I always make the bed b/c otherwise, I don't feel like my day has started.  I don't make the kids make their beds though.  Anyway, I got everything ready for the week, and then I went to an essential oils class this afternoon.  I learned a few new tricks of the trade, but it was a company I originally researched 6 years ago, Young Living, so I knew enough to kind of figure out what I should try next for some of my own issues.  I was encouraged to try oils more often.  It's also helpful to know the representative as well as the hostess.  It was a nice 3 hrs away from the family today.  Then I zipped back home to get Keturah to choir practice and Grandma took the boys to youth group.

Instead of just wearing a shirt and his cute cloth diapers, today, Abishai tried not wearing a shirt, but keeping his shorts on.  I personally think he looks a bit lopsided with the small top and huge bottom because of the cloth diapers being puffier than disposables and then his shorts are a bit big.  He also tried on big brother's flip flops!
Meanwhile, these lovely things came today because FedEx delivers on Sunday!  So, out of the 5 things I ordered in the last week or so, 3 have come.  Hopefully, the last two will come tomorrow.  First, I think it's almost a sin that this pianist has never owned a real metronome in her life.  I splurged and finally got one because I am teaching both of the middle kids right now and a metronome app on your phone really doesn't do the trick.  We had a blast taking it out and figuring it out.  I'll have to get some videos of Abishai dancing to the beat.  He LOVES anything with a beat, even if it's the tick tock of the clock, or  the dryer, or a timer on a toaster oven.  Hilarious!  I have had getting a metronome on my wishlist for probably 10 years.  It was simply time to get one.

I could have picked any color, but I thought light blue was calming and would complement the rest of my "decor" in the living room.  But the baby blue reminds me of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill colors, which is so appropriate because my great-grandfather Haydn was the head of the music department there way, way back in the day.  My grandmother and my father both went to that school as well.  Music runs in the family from both of my parents, and also on Jared's side of the family a little bit, too.  Fun fact: Jared played trumpet in the Franklin Central High School Marching Band for 4 years, 3 of which, they won the state championship!  He does remember marching band very fondly.  And yes, we still have his trumpets and several other instruments, like a 3/4 size cello and a clarinet that was my dad's, and two kind of odd electric guitars that were his Grandpa Johnson's.  So, music, rather than sports, is in the blood from both sides.
Then, this other beautiful gift came today.  Ok, I bought it myself, but Jared told me I could after he got his first real paycheck.  I mean, money is tight, but it's been hard not having a blender to make smoothies with and it will help me stay more on track with my "diet."  You see, I don't like eating hard vegetables, or candy, or pepperint bark, or cookies.  I like my food soft.  So, smoothies are my favorite!  And the kids are excited to try out the milkshake button.  And I have a go to cup.  AND I can chop veggies.  Now, it wasn't the most expensive one on Amazon, but it wasn't the cheapest either.  It will be so nice having a much more heavy duty appliance than a $20 cheapie from Wal-Mart.

I'm thankful that we have enough financial stability to be able to afford these things.  I really want to improve my health so I can do more things with and for the kids.  It's very frustrating when you have to tell your 8 yr old daughter that you can't go outside with her so she can ride her bike because you just don't have enough energy to chase the toddler that will want to go out with us and you have  headache and aches and pains.  And insurance or not, doctors and medications are more expensive than ever.  I'm still in sticker shock over the price of a doctor visit here!  So, yes, I will try new things, and tweak things for myself, in order to serve my family better.  And they benefit, too, by having healthier options for food and breathing in essential oils or whatever.

Hubby made chicken soup for us while I was away today.  Those are some kind of chinese noodles I got him from Jungle John's in Ohio.  Jared likes his soup thick, and yes, thick it is now.  Lots of leftovers for dinner tomorrow!
And then there's the health food failures like this one.  I tried adding a glucconmon to my coffee because I thought it was in the Trim Healthy Mama plan's version of healthier coffee.  Turns out, it's thickening agent that helps non grain flours like almond flour and coconut flour stick together.  I had put it in my coffee cup, along with my normal collagen and MCT oil, and had gone to the other room.  Then Jared poured coffee from the carafe of coffee he made into my cup.  When he saw the results, he said something like, "Woman, come here, now.  What did you do to your coffee?"  It was as thick as pudding!!  Oh my goodness!  Total failure!  Good thing it was only coffee and could easily be redone.  I even tried putting my creamer in it and took a sip/bite.  Yeah, not worth it.  So I started over.  Whoops!  I don't like wasting ingredients, but sometimes it's part of the learning curve.

Ewww, extra thick coffee!

Tomorrow is Monday, again, already, HSG Co op day and hopefully, by suppertime, we'll have our Loot Crate and I'll have my wifi earbuds.  Yes, consumerism.  But I contemplate these things and have them on my wishlist for months before I "indulge" in them.  Money is precious, and the time it takes to make money is precious, too.  Anyway, time to go read my blender booklet!

Sunset after youth group and choir tonight.

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