Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, September 30, 2016

Day 273: Day 1 is in the books!

Phew! All went according to plan today!  And we're all prepped for tomorrow, and mostly there for Monday.  It's going to be a LONG day of sitting, sitting, sitting tomorrow, so please pray for me as my back and legs don't take too kindly to that.  I've already told Justin and Benaiah that I might not sit through all the rounds/games they play because I'll need to take a walk or go lie down someplace.  I think they understand.  And I might not to every competition either.  We'll see.  Grandma will have Abishai and Keturah all day, so that should be fun, at least I think so.  Abishai had another 4 hr nap today, and that's after sleeping in until 8:30, so he should be plenty rested for the weekend.  He's now playing with Daddy while the other two are trying to go to sleep.  We put them to bed at 7:30 thinking that they could get some extra rest, but nope, they can't sleep!  We have to be up by 6am which, well, is not our forte, especially, like I said, we got up at 8:30 today.  So pray for me and pray for Justin.  He doesn't seem nervous, and I'll be right there if something happens, but he's that soft hearted guy that just might get upset if he doesn't do well.  He's never really competed in anything before.  Bible Bowl is an incredible tough game to play at this level, especially if you are perfectionist.  Justin tends to be that way, just like I am.  I'll be nervous for both boys.  Benaiah is hardly nervous, so I don't worry about him at all.  He's nearly a man now who thinks he doesn't need his mama.  Hm,...

Benaiah was telling me how his grades are really doing well today, with tons of A's and top of his class grades!  Wahoo!  He does work hard, but before I once again feel bad for not being able to teach him this year, I have to remember that I taught him how to study and I plus Grandpa taught him how to write and think well.  We laid the groundwork, and it's paying off.  He even made the comment, "It's easy to get good grades because you just have to actually turn in the homework and show up to class.  I don't understand how my friends won't get their assignments done."  Oh my goodness, kid, yes, you're welcome for pushing you all these years to keep deadlines and keep track of your stuff.  Now we'll see how much studying he's done for Bible Bowl tomorrow.

I was able to convince the doctor to get some labwork done, and they were able to do it there at the office, so at least I've gotten started on this sorting everything out process.  Still no idea where to turn to next, osteopath, naturopath, nutritionist, orthopedic?  And there's not much help from this doctor or finding someone under our state funded insurance plan.  Obamacare is a joke! I'm still going to be paying out of pocket for everything, just like I've done the last 6 years to get the treatment I want and need.  Just need some patience and willingness to switch doctors if necessary.  I'm staying with this doctor for general stuff and for the kids because it's cheaper overall because he doesn't take any insurance.  You pay him a flat fee per month of $95 per family, plus $20 co pay for each visit.  That's it.  No paperwork, he's easy to get into, and away we go.  Yup.

Just a few pictures from today, but I'll share yesterday's as well.

Keturah, Abishai and I made a run to the dollar store Wednesday night and found Candy Corn (Justin's favorite candy!) and Strawberry flavored donuts!  So, Justin made a stegosaurus!

If you look closely on the left of the banana peel, you'll notice a hole.  It's a hole that Abishai made when he tried to eat the banana without waiting for me to peel it! He immediately spit it out.  This is why we affectionately call him a purple minion from Despicable Me 2.  That, and he really does make all those blah, blech, crazy sounds!

Yeah, this kid who thinks it's hilarious to sit in front of daddy's backpack.

Sort of, not really, a pumpkin pie latte/smoothie.  I still didn't get it right and it was too spicy.

There wasn't much in the backpack, so we thought it would be funny for Abishai to give it a go. 

I think he looks like he has a turtle shell on.  Cuteness!

Jared is obsessed with putting a fire on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, even when it isn't cold outside!  But really, it is neat, and the popping and spitting it does can't be beat.  We haven't roasted marshmellows yet, but we do plan to.  So far, Abishai's been very obedient about not climbing up on the bricks.  He does like to say "woah, wow!" to it though.  

Reading by firelight like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Abishai is scared of the blender and the electric saw, so he stayed inside while Daddy cut a piece of wood.

Jared said, "People struggling reading the whole Bible in one year.  Abishai read his Bible in one night! Ok, there's just a few short stories in this version, but it's fun to say, "He read his whole Bible!"

Yes, we know he shouldn't ride the cart, and he didn't.  He got up there all by himself, but we got him down before we drove the cart through the store.

Pushing the cart before Daddy took over so they wouldn't hurt the expensive cabinets.  The wood is the clearance wood from Home Depot (which I think is the same Home Depot I got the paint from when my parent's moved to Indiana 11 years ago!) for the fire.

Look a hawk! A eagle! Nah, just some crows!

More Bible reading on Grandma Howell's kid rocking chair.  It was hers, then my siblings and I's, then my family's. 
Homeschooling on the go!  These two are getting more diligent about their schoolwork every week!

Although we can't attend tomorrow, please visit the craft fair at Benaiah's school tomorrow.  Lots of direct sales reps and individual crafters selling their wares.  9-4 at Southside Christian School at the corner of Edgewood and US 31.

Benaiah is donating 1/3 of his proceeds to the school!  There's only a few duct tape wallets for sale, so get them before they're gone!

Have fun shopping!

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