Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 248: Sweet and short

Oh how I loved the quiet day at home I had!  The men went and put together something for an indoor playground at a school (or something like that) this morning.  Then they went to a friend of Benaiah's for a cookout.  I was supposed to go, but Abishai woke up early, and so his nap was early, and I decided that a nap was more important for him than spending time in the heat with all boys, chasing a toddler when I've been so ill lately.  SO, I stayed home while Abishai napped.  Keturah kept Grandma company this afternoon and evening, going out for frozen yogurt, going to the bookstore, seeing a movie, and yes, once again, having dinner at Steak and Shake.  My kids are brand loyal, that's for sure!

I rearranged a few things getting ready for Justin's birthday party sleepover, got our stuff ready for co op tomorrow, messed around with pictures and RAM memory.  I also listened to a few podcasts, and gasped, worked out a bit! Then when the boys came home we went over to the splashpad and playground for a bit because today was the last day for the splashpad.  Abishai loved it, but there was a cool fall breeze blowing, so he got cold really fast.  Then supper, clean up, and bedtime.  School and homeschool co op tomorrow!  Abishai will be with me all day, so that will make it very interesting.  Thus the reason why it was important for him to have a good nap today and for me also to take it easy.  It's just a part of what we have to do for mama to try to stay healthier.  Saying no to some things means saying yes to more important things.  Hopefully I won't have much dizziness in the morning and move a little faster so we can get out the door in time.  Good night!

As always, lots of goodies on the frozen yogurt treat! 
This was Keturah 3 years ago in the same shirt (or a similar one in the same size) as the picture below.  She's getting big!

Look, Mom! I can't where this by itself anymore!

Proof that yes, Jared does own and wear sandals.

Proof that Benaiah wears the same size as Jared does.  Jared bought those yellow swim trunks in Hawaii when Benaiah was 1 years old.  Crazy!!

A little bit too cold for the wee one.

Daddy and the bookends.  And we did measure tonight and Benaiah is only 1 inch shorter than Jared now.

Abishai got brave and tried the faster yellow slide tonight.  A little too fast because he ended up on the ground.  He prefers to slide on his belly, feet first.

Wet monkey.

Not sure if we tried this before with him, but he seemed to want and know what to do.  So big!

Abishai didn't panic when Jared started pushing the merry go round.  He just kind of stood there in a daze.  

See, Abishai turns over to go on his belly.

Threatening clouds, but thankfully, no rain!

Another big boy moment!  Swinging on the big swings!

I don't know why they insist on trying to fit in the baby swings.  We refuse to help them in or out.

Yeah! I found the basketball net thing we own quite by accident today.  I was looking and found the history timeline for school and in the box was a few other flat type items, like this net!  You can fold it up flat.  It's perfect height for Abishai to go at it from the side to make a slam dunk.  And yes, the kids love wearing it too.  I'm so glad I didn't pursue getting a junior sized basketball hoop.  Sometimes it pays to save things!

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