Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 262: Monday, Monday..or..It's Monday All Over Again!

Bwhahaha, yes, the title of today's blog is two different songs.  The first one, I only know "Monday, Monday" but the second one brings me back 24 years!  It's a song from a musical I was in (I was a cheerleader!  Imagine that!) co written with none other than Michael W. Smith called "Living on the Edge."  It was set in a high school and we actor/actresses were all in high school anyway.  Fun times!  It used Smitty's songs from his "Change Your World" record released in 1992.  Yes, I'm getting older and dating myself here.

ANYWAY, Monday, co op day, again.  I was free from chasing Abishai because he still has those silly hand/foot/mouth virus spots, and he loves to love on the other two babies there, so I didn't want it to spread to them, one being only 2 months old.  So, Grandma graciously watched Abishai all day!  They had a grand time playing with cars, rolling a bowling ball down the screen of Grandma's Nook, eating lunch together, etc.  We left first for the day, so when Daddy left, Abishai was confused and beside himself.  He even had to have a time out in his crib!  We've had to do that the last few days because he starts screaming on the top of his lungs because he's mad.  He does calm down in a few minutes though.  Abishai's favorite car today was one of Bumblebee from the Transformers movie and he would hand it to Grandma, who would change it into a Transformer, and hand it back.  Then Abishai would the Transformer back to Grandma, and she'd change it into a car.  He loved it!

Meanwhile, at co op, I managed to do more in my class with the littles than I had expected to and was super impressed with a Lego mini city they built!  And I was able to get all 4 of my 3rd-6th graders to do their whole page of math this time!  I also loved having the freedom to make phone calls and journal between classes.  Having alone time is very, very important to me, and to the middle kids.

We puttered around at home until dinner time and Daddy came home.  We were actually playing outside waiting for him, when he comes around the corner and honks his horn for fun. Scared some of the neighbors though, lol!  Then it was off to get a full week's worth of groceries.  I've been going every few days it seems because we would run out of something and I didn't want to buy too much because I would have to pack it up and haul it all in myself.  It's always nicer to have the whole family there to help.

So, just your average, basic day.  I won't be taking Abishai to get his immunizations tomorrow because of the head/mouth/foot virus, so I might do something else with the middles or we'll get started on schoolwork.  I'm hoping to make it to the apple orchard with all 3 of them on Friday when some of the homeschoolers are going.  That is the MOST IMPORTANT field trip of the fall season.  Can NOT miss it because it dates back to when I was 15 months old.  So, get 'er done!

I think this is most of Abishai's cars.  He lined most of them up.  I love it!

Abishai saw the celery bag when I was cutting vegetables for salad and decided to drag the bag over to himself in order to get a taste.  Silly boy!

Abishai got a boo boo on his head tonight, so he was trying to help himself.  He didn't quite got the right spot, but I thought it was cute.  This guy is wants to be very clean and neat and is well aware of his own little body in relation to his world.  Too cute!
If you look closely, you'll see a bakery, and a delivery truck.  We are reading "Lentil" in our class.

They kept searching for all the pieces to the mini figures and argued over who gets the bread, or ice cream, or flowers.

They created this in a bout 20 minutes!

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