Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 251: Sleep, glorious sleep

It was hard staying awake (and patient) with the kiddos again today thanks to medication that makes you sleepy.  Their packaging that says, "less drowsy," is misleading.  So, had I nice nap, but wish I could come up with more energy and patience.

And I now know why I have instinctively waited to start homeschool until after Justin's birthday.  I can't focus on teaching AND prepare for a party, however low key it is.  I would have thrown school out the window this week, but we had co op homework to do.  And no, it couldn't wait until after the party because then it's the weekend, which is usually unpredictable, and co op is on Monday.  Next week will be so much easier because we won't have two holidays (or even 1!) in one week!  Lesson learned.

Tomorrow is Justin's birthday!  So, it needs to be all about him!  I had maybe 1 birthday "party" when I was growing up, so I try to make my kids' birthdays a reasonably important day for them.  I don't think I go overboard (do I?)  I try not to feel guilty with what I can or can't do.  I always ask their input.  And enlist their help.  And I stay off pinterest.  I do love it though, and I can't wait for Abishai to want to do themed parties again.  You'll see Justin's tomorrow, but just know he is baking and decorating his cake!  He wanted to, I didn't have to ask!

Jared showed the kids how much junk gets filtered out by our Brita filter jug.  He put blueberry tea like what is in the mug on the left through the filter and it came out like the light stuff on the right.

"Hello, is Poppy there?"

It was that kind of day where extra handwriting was given.

The girl in her natural habitat.

One boy in is natural habitat.

I wish this was my habitat for more hours than I get to be there.

As always, those NOLA kids send gifts and cards right on time. 

Justin opening his card from Aaron, Shauna, Nora, and Everly in New Orleans.

Woah! Sparkles everywhere! 
Favorite color with his favorite theme.  I bet he'll wear it tomorrow!


A comic book!

And tea and fun dip.

Abishai knows how to open the bottom drawer and steal fruit like grapes.  Thankfully, he can't open the big fridge door yet.

Justin wrapped up in a floor mat.  Why? Because he can.

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