Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 252: Justin's 11th Birthday!

We didn't do any school today, because....it was Justin's birthday! And on someone's birthday, it's all about them!  It wasn't a perfect day, but slowly and surely, everything got done, and I think Justin and his friends had fun.  They did a couple of games of laser tag at a local gaming/bowling place, and then came back to our house for pizza, cake, and video games.  Super simple.  But I still decorated, cleaned bathrooms, and put away baby toys.  One of the friends is sleeping over, too.  The pictures will speak for themselves.

Cutest warrior in the universe!  Abishai actually wanted the helmet on his head!

Simple cake.  Justin helped to bake the cake, and I frosted it.  I wanted it to drip along the sides because of the delicate edging of the fluted pan, but I think it was a little too drippy.

Justin asked for the trick candles!  There's 9 of them, so if you add the 2 1's, then you have 11.

Just a little hint of a "theme" Jurassic World of course!

We thought 6 boys would be here in all, so we bought lots of treats.  2 of them couldn't make it, so we ended up with a lot of leftovers.  Here's some of the sweet stuff.

Leftover napkins and some salty snacks.

Chips and salsa obviously.  I had to push back and cover up our schoolbooks for the party, but that's life when you live in a small space.

Happy 11th birthday, Justin!

While the boys were out laser tagging, Abishai got his own one on one time with the PS4.  He is sitting still for longer periods of time now.  There's a youtube channel called "Mother Goose Club" that he likes with lots of simple nursery songs and rhymes.  It's a little creepy at times though with the costumes they wear.

Abishai couldn't decide which bag of chips he wanted, so we opened 3 of them.   He thought it was cool to eat in the living room with his own bag of chips.

Pizza from our favorite store, Aldi's!

Awaiting the pizza.

Abishai easily drank his first capri sun and automatically blew back into it to blow it up like some kids do.

Eating pizza and talking. 
I-Rex keeping an eye on the cake.

Abishai wanted to join in with the big boys.

Bean Boozelled (sp?) is a "game" where the jelly beans could be a good flavor like tutti fruiti or a bad flavor like stinky socks or lawn clippings.  The boys thought it was a hoot!

Spin the spinner to see which jelly bean you have to try!  They all did it several times and most of them were the yucky flavors.  I lucked out and got a good one.

So nasty, Benaiah said.

Abishai got to have one and it was a good one too.

Trick candles only go out with water.  So, Dad handled it pressing the wick between his wet fingers.

I-Rex needed the first bite.


"So, baba, how does this work?"

Cake and video games.

Two hours later...different positions but still playing video games.
Aunt Stefanie and Auggie sent their greetings today, Grandpa called, and Grandma probably gave him a big birthday hug when she saw him before the laser tag event.  That was pretty much our day.  Happy birthday, Justin!

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