Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 269: Unboxing day!

The kids "unpacked" their brains and learned a few things today.  Abishai creatively balanced a "caution: floor wet" bifold sign on his head and crawled under it (not at the same time), but I don't have a picture of that today.  I managed to do 3 mini unexpected "projects" while cleaning up other things.  Jared worked a little and return an item to the store.  Jared also got to pull out the new blender and used it a few times before we got home from co op.  I gave him permission after teasing him that it's MY new toy/tool.  He'll use it just as much as I will.  In fact, he used the old one a whole lot more than I did.  Now, we need to find some great non dairy based smoothies!  I don't have any good veggies to make a green smoothie nor do I have berries or much fruit to make a fruity one.  Bummer.  I guess we'll just keep making frothed coffee then, lol.

We also got that fun LootCrate today!  Justin and I even did a Facebook Live "unboxing" video.  17 people watched us live from all over the states and even Canada!  So, I guess that means I get my "fun mom" points for the week, right?  Speaking of the week, we have NO appointments nor playdates/outings this week!  I guess we'll be staying home and working on fall clothes because the air turned chilly today!  I know it was in the 60's today and all I could keep thinking was "aw...I'm finally back on PEI" because wow, this is my FAVORITE weather and PEI has it a bit longer than other places.  It was rainy when we left for co op this morning, but it cleared up an hr later so Abishai and I did our mile long walk around the outer edge of the church's parking lot.  He was even anticipating it after our first class this morning and got into the stroller as I was packing up our stuff!  I used to walk so much with Benaiah and Justin around Beech Grove, ah the memories!

Ok, pictures.  Here we go.

The blender's initiation into the family - butter coffee!

Oh my, I didn't know that Abishai's face looks funny!   And Justin looks evil!  Bwahahaha!  It was supposed to be a cute picture of Abishai and Justin eating together.  Justin invited Abishai onto the chair and Abishai obliged.  Whoops!

We got to eat dinner outside because it was so nice out!  Probably in the high 60's.

Ah, my new set up.  I'm going to be working hard at learning how to make better smoothies.  I typically don't follow a recipe and then it doesn't turn out well.  Feel free to share your recipes!  Oh, this guy also came with a food processor/slicer/shredder!  It's bigger than the little one we have, so I'll be able to do bigger batches of whatever.  Now if I just had the energy to make something,....hm....

Twinkie time!  This might be Abishai's first or second twinkie, I can't remember.  My mother used to get a big kick out of seeing the kids eat twinkies.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because they would get so messy.  We even had a twinkie party when she was in the hospital a couple of months before she died.  We got a video of Abishai eating the twinkie tonight and Justin commented, "In Honor of Grandma Howell."  Very sweet!



Concentrating hard on his twinkie!

Twinkie face!

Finger lickin' good!
LootCrate!  Who knew $20 would be so much fun!

Stark! As in Ironman!  And someone pointed out the number 11 on it, and Justin just turned 11.  The LootCrate was kind of a birthday present for him because they said it would contain something from the Flash TV show, but it didn't.  We were very disappointed.

Batman keychain, the box itself turned into a car, and a Green Arrow hood ornament!

A matchbox car, LootCrate fun facts guide, and Ballstar Galatica ship!

My prize, the Green Arrow hood ornament!  It says not to put on cars that you will drive over 70 mph with.  It's just a magnet holding it to the car.  So, no, I would never do that.  I guess it was this one or a similar item just with the Flash.  Oh well, Justin still has his favorite Flash t-shirt.
Another picture of Benaiah playing his box drum for the school worship times.  He bought some accessories  recently, so he has other sounds to work with.

Our math "tutoring" session since everyone is working on different books at different levels.

It's always fun to FaceTime each other, although we aren't far away . Abishai kept laughing every time Benaiah would make a face.  I wonder why?  Abishai also said "baba" at the end.  I didn't get quite the picture I wanted but when Abishai was fully in the shot, his round cheeks and chin were identical to Benaiah's.  Too cute!

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