Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 255: Walking along

Monday, co op day, came and went again.  All went smoothly, including hanging out with Abishai until Grandma Leah came and got him for naptime.  What a blessing that is!  After walking literally 1 full mile with him in the stroller in the parking lot, plus chasing him inside everywhere, I need that break!  I'm glad I got my exercise in, and I don't mind that actually.  Abishai loves the stroller and wanted to be pushed in it instead of playing on their outside playground, lol.  The kids had a blast as always.  They took a 2 hr nature walk for botany today and found some interesting things!  It was a gorgeous 77 day, clear blue sky kind of day.  I'm tired, of course, but that's normal.  The ladies at co op like to tease that we all need a nap once we get home, and some of us get that, and some of us don't.  I don't because I reorganize once we get home and I had to stay on task because we are going out for the day again tomorrow.  I'm quickly realizing that September is a busy month for us and we don't get to the bookwork until the weather cools off.  I'm always adjusting to whatever else is going on, and I'd rather take the kids on a grand field trip than push through 3 history lessons at once or something.  So off we go again tomorrow.

This is what walking 1.03 miles in a parking lot with a toddler in a stroller looks like on your health app.  Crazy!

On their nature hike, the kids found mint plants!  Immediately, Justin wanted to take some home to make tea with, so they did.  The teacher said he could freeze it, and because I didn't give him specific instructions, this is what he did with it.  Bwahahahaha!!!  I should have left it in there like that for Jared to find, but I didn't want to waste the precious mint.  Goof ball Justin!

They say homeschool moms learn a lot more when they are teaching their kids than they learned in their school years, and it's so right!  The kids' botany teacher is teaching them all sorts of things about how to identify useful plants like parsley and mint.  Did you know that mint plants have SQUARE stems?  Yes, SQUARE stems!  Crazy cool!  And you can eat any type of mint plant, but do NOT eat any parsley plant unless you are really sure of what you have.  There are very fatally poisonous ones out there.

The flowers that the kids' had to draw for class of the mint family of plants.

Toddlers always look cute when they eat.  I had to convince Abishai to spit out the seed when he was eating his plum.

I love finding stuff that belonged to my siblings' homeschool years.  My mom was great at reusing stuff!  This one is a folder that was my sister Kristina's.  I love how she put, "Anything and Everything." and of course, "Howell Homeschool."

I love this series of books my parents saved for us!  There's two sides to each book, each side focusing on a different North American animal.  Justin happened to be reading the other side of this one on woodpeckers when some papers fell out.

I'm not sure who's handwriting this is.  It could be mine for all I know.  But the cards that feel out aren't my handwriting, so I suspect it was one of my sisters.  I don't think my brother had decent handwriting (but I could be wrong).

Notecards for a report.

Keturah is determined to get this Lego set for Christmas, so she has made a spot for it on her bureau, complete with the picture holding the place for it.  It's a huge set though, so we'll see if we can actually get it for her or not.

The kids also found this humongous stalks, also square shaped, but weren't sure if they were a mint plant or not.  I guess some other plant families also have square stalks.

Justin is ready to charge!

Fierce warrior!

If you look closely, the line in the middle separates two of the four sides of the stalk.  So weird!

You can't quite see it in this picture, but this is the top of the stalk which is a little bit more round than the rest of the stalk.

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