Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 242: First Day of Homeschool!

Ah, I'm already loving our new routine!  We've always been slow on the get go in the morning, so trying to complete any type of concentrated schoolwork in the morning was difficult.  So, doing it during naptime is so calming.  Now, the middles weren't perfect, but I was able to stay calm and work through the issues without little man making noise at us.  I've already learned that I have readjust their school bags on Monday nights or Tuesday mornings so that they don't sit there staring at me while I organize and put their assignments for the week into the assignment book.  Justin's a "get 'er done so I can go play" kind of guy, so this upside down schedule is a bit frustrating for him.  I wrote the loose routine out on a calendar page so it would be easy to follow and told them what they can expect from me as far as availability to help, especially in the mornings when Abishai is up and playing.  It will be chaos in the mornings as always and each will need to take their turn.  But it's doable.

Homework from co op is very, very light and easy, so that's awesome and freeing.  Again, we don't have to add to it, but there are pieces of education I would still like to do with the kids.  Tomorrow will be piano lessons!!  Keturah was excited because she got to spend all day in her PJ's.  They both got a bit frustrated at making their drawings for their botany lesson, but that's because we haven't done much nature study journaling.  And getting into the grove with Math and Mystery of History is tough, but we'll get there.  Overall, it was in excellent day and I think it ran fairly smoothly.  All except the part where I forgot that Keturah had class with Grandpa this afternoon.  Whoops!  Grandpa reminded us and we got on Skype right away.

And, finally, I'm writing the blog after dealing with a messed up computer.  I downloaded the beta version of something from Facebook and it caused serious issues with my computer.  So, I haven't been as productive this evening as I have wanted to be.  So, onward to some pictures and publishing this.
"Justin, whatcha' doin'?" - Abishai, trying to help baba with his math homework

Abishai IS KING of his CASTLE (his garage)! Check out the placement of his right foot!

Keturah, age 8, 3rd grade, in her Frozen dress/pj's.

"Stand up so I can take a picture of how tall you are!" "Ok, but I won't show my face!"

Justin, almost age 11, 6th grade, Mr. String Bean.

Yes, as always, Justin doesn't have a shirt on.

Oh, so THIS is why there was a black mark on the back of Abishai's shorts the other day.  He now SITS on the screen door track!  I guess I'll be cleaning that sometime soon.

I want to get a picture of Abishai holding a sign, but he wasn't interested today.  I need to make the sign, too.  Any suggestions?  First Day of.....toddlerhood? ....helper?.....school mascot?

Let's beat the spoon Daddy bought us in Austria on the fireplace so we can break it!  No, I stopped him before it got broken.

Abishai lines up his cars just like Justin used to.

Abishai "nesting" with his cars.

I was too busy teaching to take pictures of the middles doing school, but at some point, Keturah drew this picture on the mini wipeboard.  Keturah, Mom, Justin, and Homeschool.  And she recognized that she misspelled school.  She's come so far in her spelling and reading just by reading tons of books over the summer!  Even her math has drastically improved.  I can't wait to see what she's capable of this year!  She's in the same classes as Justin at co op, and she's the youngest, so she'll have to work hard to keep up.  I think she will do just fine.

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