Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Day 233: Pool time!

Today, the middles got to have some pool time fun at a birthday party for one of Keturah's friends, yeah!  Meanwhile, Abishai got his naptime in at Grandma's house, and then hung out with Grandma, Grandpa, Benaiah and Daddy.  And THEN it was only Grandma, Grandpa, and Abishai left at the house, because we had youth group and choir practice to go to.  Abishai was loving all that extra special attention!  They played outside with the dog, and went up and down the driveway.  Abishai played with Grandma's Nook and wrestled with Grandpa.  And I think they fed him sugar straight up because boy was he wired when we got there after youth group!  I'm just kidding.  The in laws are great at keeping a good balance of sweet treats and healthy food.  No worries there.  I think Abishai was just stir crazy because he threw some fits when we got home, too.  Oh, and Benaiah and I walked around Grandma's neighborhood together for a little chatting time.  And we didn't argue for once!  It was gorgeous out today, so gorgeous that it reminded me of PEI.  77 and breezy with a moderate humidity.  Perfect!  Miss the Island!  Oh and we get to leave the windows open tonight for the first time since we moved back.  Yeah!  Our poor electric bill is so high.  Ugh.  Can't wait for fall!

I have a 14 year old.  Wow.

And look! He can fill in his own planner without Mommy's help!  My hard work teaching him how, paid off!

I found 3 kids and a husband all sitting on the couch so cozily this morning playing video games.  Only Abishai is in focus, but I love how he's sitting with Keturah.  Abishai now won't go to sleep unless he has one of Keturah's blankets in his bed.  I'd let him sleep on the floor with her, but he wouldn't settle.  I think these two are going to have a very special bond as they grow up.

Keturah's friend Jordan turned 8 this weekend!  Today was a perfect day for a pool party!  We weren't too hot just sitting outside and we enjoyed the breeze.  Yes, Keturah is shorter than Jordan.  But Jordan's parents are very tall.

The girls!  They've known each other since they were probably 1 years old!

When did Justin get so big he can do cannonballs into a pool with no fear?

Beach themed food.

Jordan had a beach themed/Ariel party.  And a mutual friend, Heather Bruce, made the cake, probably drawing Ariel by hand.  She's VERY talented!

These look like seaweed to me!

Way too cute!  Rice krispie square with frosting, teddy grahams, and umbrellas!

Chillaxing!  Oh, and Justin lost another molar while we there!

They had fun, even with kids they didn't know.

My little introvert needed some alone time to warm up.

Keturah found this video game tucked away in the basement of the hosts' home.  Millipede, centipede, and missile command.

Jordan opening our present.  Elves themed Lego.

And she had asked for clothes for her 18 in doll, so Keturah willingly gave up her doughnut doll pjs that match her big girl pjs.  Plus she used it to wrap up some drawings she did for Jordan.

Some of the girls who came.

Cake time!

One last swim!

Aw, best friends!

Then we met Jared and Benaiah at the church for youth group and choir.  I'm so glad they meet on the same day at the same time!  Although, there's WAY too many kids there!  I would NOT want to be a student in such a large youth group.  I feel overwhelmed just by being near them.  But then again, I graduated as a class of 1 student.  I'm glad the boys love it.

Abishai is the perfect combination of Benaiah's outgoingness, Justin's organization and clean up skills and Keturah's fun loving ways.  He arranged his books perfectly on the fireplace tonight.

I'm halfway through this quick read.  I'm going to enjoy the hr or so I have every week to read while the kids are at their activities.  The first part of the book gives some definitions as to what does teaching from rest mean.  The second half is principles on how to make it happen in your home (most homeschooling).  VERY insightful and helpful in my homeschooling journey.  Some things I have read before, and some things are written in such a way that totally change your thinking.  I highly recommend it!

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