Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Day 235: Day 2 of being home all day

I'm missing my freedom.  But that's ok.  I'm resting up for the start of our schooling next Monday (well, at least our co op stuff).  I'm glad I'm feeling more rested and I'm able to play more and read and find new projects to do.  The kids also found some newer stuff. I'm SO glad I put things out on the shelves yesterday instead of in those yucky brown boxes.  I even covered those brown boxes in our room today.  Some would say, yes, I still have too much stuff for the space we have.  But, I just can't grasp what else I can give away right now.  We are right in the middle of raising kids, and I feel like we need a little bit of this or a little bit of that.  I don't want to have to run to the craft store for something for a project, and then the moment of creativity is gone.  I'll keep thinking though.  Our space is small based on the average home in this area, so I have to remember that.  Plus with homeschooling, you naturally have more classroom stuff.  And that's ok.

Anyway, I finished the book I was reading within 3 hrs of starting it!  Quick, but oh so powerful.  I even ordered it tonight or my permanent collection, and so I can loan it out to others.  I'm glad I borrowed it from the library first, though.  I don't need to own many more books, that's for sure!

It's been an interesting, but VERY GOOD day.  After some "off" days last week, today felt awesome!  Here are some of the reasons why:

These ice cream cones really do have an intense color that shows up later.  Buyer beware!

Got my salad fix for the day!  Blue cheese crumbles, pine nuts, sugar free raspberry dressing, various veggies, and chicken.

They worked on the road again across the street.  Yeah for little guy getting to see more big trucks!

We got to have an impromptu Skype session with some friends on PEI today!  Miss Amy is friends with both Keturah and Justin and they chatted for a good long time!  We'll get to Skype with some other friends from PEI on Thursday!

Justin pulled out Keturah's felting kit she got for Christmas and created this!  It's a minecraft pig and tree and square sun!

Justin loves the piggies in Minecraft and is begging for a Minecraft Lego set with a piggy in it for his birthday.

Having a relaxed day at home allows us to notice the small things in life.  Like, how Abishai eats hot dogs and string cheese from the middle!  He did eat the whole hot dog though.

Today we noticed the differences in our feet.  Justin has long, skinny feet.

And Keturah has shorter, wider feet (Benaiah has hobbit feet!)  Someone called the bumps on the outside of her big toes, muffin bumps! What?! Kind of like a muffin top?  Interesting!

More construction vehicles.

Another impromptu Skype session, this time with the girl cousins!  Shauna wanted to make sure her Skype was working for their Bible class with Keturah and Grandpa tomorrow.  They ended up talking for more than 30 minutes!

Abishai loves books but he's at that age where they easily tear them up.  I love these tiny Golden books that were in my parents' collections, because they are great for little hands.  However, they are easily torn, so we need to keep an eye on Abishai.  This one is animal sounds, which is an easy favorite for a toddler.

Justin's always talking about the next Lego set he wants to buy.  However, I keep telling him he has all the kinds of pieces he could ever want to create anything he wants to.  It may not be perfect like the Lego company would make it, but it will be close.  This guy is from The Flash TV show.  He's in a wheelchair, but this one is ready for off roading.  His name is Dr. Harrison Wells from the 1st season.  Justin also created a house complete with a lab and vials to mix up stuff (they do that in Minecraft as well as in the Flash), a computer with a vent(!), a zebra fabric stool, a stove, and a conference area.  Keturah has her own little house with her PopStar Legos, too.
Benaiah's been busy with school and homework, so he hasn't been doing much else around the house.  And Jared's been working construction most days (yeah!) so we haven't seen much him either.  I think we're in the calm before the storm of the real routine of the fall.  But we're as ready as we can be.  Bags are packed for co op next Monday.  Schedules are written down on calendars.  Let's get this bookwork learning started! (as opposed to the every day learning we do).


  1. I am chuckling at Abishai's hot dog habit. Kids are hilarious sometimes. Glad you are settling in bit by bit.

  2. Thanks! It looks like you are doing the same! Bit by bit!