Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 224: Meh

To be honest, I feel a bit behind on our blog and unpacking and general life.  So today was one of those days that I worked hard to get caught up.  I fought the computer all day on uploading pictures and felt like I accomplished nothing.  I don't even remember what I did yesterday.  We stayed home most of the day.  Jared went to the store for me so we could bring food to Benaiah's orientation tomorrow.  I just felt meh and couldn't put my finger on it.  Good thing the kids are pretty independent and live life to the fullest even when I'm not.

Just like the other 3, Abishai has learned to get in this, whatever it's called.  It's kind of like a table, but the top part comes out and can be carried around.  And the top part of it can be switched out, too.  13 year old toy still going strong because it's FISHER PRICE, which is my favorite kid brand ever!  I love their primary colors, and so gender neutral.  They are durable and never go out of style.

Look at those toes all curled up!  He bangs hard on stuff now, like the piano I unearthed again from being buried in book boxes. (I'm nearly done).  He carried this around the house to get others to play with it with him.

Just like Justin, Abishai will line things up and put things away properly.  He likes things neat and orderly, most of the time.  So, he lined up all his snacks.  The fireplace is the perfect spot to keep them out of the way of others and it's close to the kitchen so it's easy to clean up while we are cleaning up around the peninsula.

Look what a great friend fixed for us!  My mother's rocking chair!  It sat in the basement for 4 years in Charlottetown because I just didn't have the time to research in getting it fixed.  Mr. Dan spent hours on it and I am soooo grateful!  I don't have a whole lot of room for it, but I'm going to make more room!  I can't believe Abishai is big enough to get up there!  Right now it's not the prettiest color because my dad was in the process of stripping the paint off and redoing it when my mom and he got sick.  It was my Gramma Koski's too, I believe.  If not, then it is just as special because it was my mom's.  

They couldn't wait to try out the nutella type dip they found!  Well, Keturah didn't finish hers, so we gave it to Abishai to try.  He ate a little bit of it, but wasn't impressed either.

More in his face than in his belly.

Some reading time with Daddy.
Since I only have pictures of Abishai to share, I guess I should update you on some of the things he has done recently.  When we say, "diaper," he'll go to our bathroom to get changed.  He says, "Woah," to anything remotely fascinating.  He's very good at Momma and Dadda.  He will bring us shoes when it's time to go bye bye, not just his own, but ours as well and they are usually matching!  He knows exactly when and where to put paci and blankie when he wakes up in the morning and after naptime.  He still nurses twice a day.  He eats a ton, but never the same thing, from day to day.  Except for strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.  He'll try to sneak into the fridge to get them if someone opens the door.  He points and asks for his water cup if it's out of reach.  He loves cars, trains, and planes (just like Justin did).  He runs away from us a lot at home.  He's practicing how to get down the stairs by holding onto the railing or a hand, so face forward.  He throws the biggest tantrums I've seen and melts to the floor in a puddle of anger.  He can open and shut the porch sliding door.  He will hug his siblings and us often.  Abishai is very tactile and touchy/feely.  It's a good thing.  He tries eating with a fork or spoon.  He climbs up and down on the junior chair by himself.  He's about to learn how to climb over the gate to Justin's room.  He's a very active 18 month old, and still seems different than the rest somehow.  Or we are just enjoying each phase more this time, even the not so fun ones.  Our little guy is getting so big!

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