Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 228: Doctor Time and various other things

Abishai had his 18 month check up today.  Nothing much to report there, except the doctor measured him a couple of times because Abishai was wiggly and one measurement put him way below the charts, and one measurement put him at 10%.  Justin and Keturah were with me, so I pointed out that Justin was always small and he's still small for an 11 yr old.  I also told the doctor who Abishai ate a whole bagel (not once slice or half a bagel, but a whole one!) by himself for breakfast yesterday.  So, eats, he's just tiny.  21lbs and 24inches tiny.  Normal for us though, lol.  Once I told the doctor his birth weight it made more sense.  The issue with this doctor is that he doesn't ask many questions and hasn't taken a thorough history yet.  He also mumbles a bit.  He'll be our family doctor for now, but I'm going to seek out specialists for my own things.  Abishai will hopefully get his immunizations done sometime next week at the health department.  I went there when Justin was little and we were on Medicaid, just like we are on this time.  No worries there.  The doctor did question the meningitis vaccine that Canada gave the kids.  He said they only give that to kids that have other health issues, so when other doctors see that, I need to remind them it's a Canada thing.

This doctor's office has the most comfortable chair/table! The chair reclines to make the table.  Abishai looks so big sitting there!
Anyway, then we picked up Daddy from Grandpa's office because he needed to borrow the car to meet with someone about some physical labor over the next week.  I'm so glad Jared will work anywhere if it means money is coming in to take care of us.  He's still seeking employment in his preferred line of work, too.

Oh the memories! Every other Tuesday, around 11:15am, we used to stop in Grandpa's office after our MOPS meetings at the church.  Tuesday has always been "sermon day" where Gary gets a good portion of his manuscripts done.  However, of course, he didn't mind an interruption by the grandchildren. 

The tradition became that they could get a piece of candy if they told Grandpa what kind of animals were on the outside of this bowl that he got in Africa.  Justin said the big was actually a boar just like Uncle Aaron finds in Louisiana.  I love walking down his personal hallway and looking at his pictures of our family from the time the boys ran with him as he ran the Indy 500, to climbing mountains, to just our silly pictures from our cruise together 2 years ago.  One of my favorites is of Uncle Aaron when he grew out his super curly hair really long and he's holding Benaiah (who was Abishai's age at the time) at Cracker Barrel.  Anyway, it was fun to recreate the memory today, once again.
Then it was back to home where Abishai slept for 3 1/2 hrs!  I did a little curriculum planning while others read and played video games or watched TV.  Dinner and then off to get groceries.  Typical stuff.  Now onto the pictures.

Hm,..I wonder who taught him to eat his food straight off of the counter top?   Abishai will now put his hands over his eyes when we pray for our meal.  He also plays peek a boo that way.  He will crouch below the level of the counter top and then peer over it to play peek a boo as well.  And finally, he likes to give us his cheesy smile, complete with "smiling with your eyes." Oh, and his dancing! I'll try to link a video to that soon!  He claps, but he also waves his hands up and down in opposite directions of each other and sways too!

Justin wanted to do the Pikachou selfie at the library the other day.

As we drove into the Aldi's parking lot, we saw this big rig car hauler and pointed it out to the kids.  I was surprised Jared took Abishai over to it because I think the driver was in the cab, but Abishai enjoyed looking at it up close.
Abishai's foot got caught under the ride on toy, so Keturah is comforting him.  So sweet.

We are going to try to see a real joust tomorrow at the Indiana State Fair, but if all else fails, we can have a duel at home.  That's an adult broomstick Abishai is wielding all by himself.  We are sooo in trouble with this one! It's Benaiah's "slaptastic slapper" which is supposed to be used for getting cobwebs in high places.  So far it's only been used as a weapon to wake up kids and poke at them.
Tomorrow: The Indiana State Fair!  Just hoping Abishai will last through all the things we want to see!  We made a little plan so we get to what we want to.  There's several things we are ok on skipping, but we MUST see animals and tractors, and the middles want to see BMX riders and parkour stunts of course.  1,400lb cheese sculpture and I don't know, a 1 ton pig perhaps?  Yes, this is a BIG fair.  Pray we make it through all the walking!

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