Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, August 1, 2016

Day 213: Monday's aren't all bad (especially with a cute toddler).

Oh boy, Abishai seems to have had all the fun today, again.  Lol.  The others read and played Minecraft, their typical stuff.  Jared and I plunged into our paperwork and computer work.

As you'll see below, Jared brought in the rest of my book boxes for me today.  Some of them contained science, art, and other tactile type supplies, like this mini rice sensory bin I made a long time ago (maybe for Justin).  Well, I'm trying to embrace the mess a little more, so I let Abishai take it for a spin and boy did he love it!

Abishai kept picking it up and then releasing the rice way above his head so it splattered everywhere!  But he also tried to clean up.

Now he's in jail.  Actually, He began smooshing his face against the railings and he's too cute when he does it!  He also will take off to the end of the hallway once we get inside our building.  I let him squeal once and then pick him up and make him go upstairs, especially if I'm carrying other things in first.

I guess Abishai wanted to go outside so he found shoes he could walk in!  MY shoes! He got them on all by himself and walked around in them, even turning in them!  He growled when they came off and he couldn't get them back on.  He walked the whole hallway and back in them!

Oh my mini man...he decided to a) eat pears/peas/broocoli combo out of one of those squeeze pouches and b) decided to try regular cooked peas and carrots!  He ate all his hamburger too, but left the spaghetti.  I think he may think he needs to be on a paleo diet too because he's not interested in most carbs like crackers, rice, spaghetti, or bread (not even animal crackers or cookies!)  He will eat doughnut holes though.

And yes, he was getting veggies on his spoon and almost getting them to his mouth too.

Abishai was convinced he needed to sleep with Keturah.  He would never settle if we tried to let him.

You don't see me!

Dixie cups.  Justin noticed our little stack was almost gone, so, get this, he took the rest of them to "save for later."  Yes, he's got my saving gene!  Oh wait, that can be a bad thing, can't it?  I told him we had plenty more, but I understood why he would want to.  We've never had dixie cups before and they are cute.  I might even keep a couple for special treats or something.  He's my mini me in personality, that's for sure.

Ok, it's August 1st, and I really needed to stop procrastinating and tackle this book project.  This part of the project I was able to get done before Jared came home, but we ended up with a huge new stack today when he brought the rest of the boxes up.

This is the finished project so far.  3 boxes in front of the gate need me to sort through them and pull out just we need for this year.  I have a couple of mini projects, deciding on piano/art books to pull out and the science books.  Then it's onto actually finalizing a plan for the subjects not covered at co op this year.

These are half filled boxes that Jared wants filled so they will stack better when we put them back into the garage.

(You don't need to read this if you aren't interested in homeschooling talk ;-)

You see, when we moved to Charlottetown, I insisted ALL the books be put on shelves and organized properly because they never had been.  My parents had given me most of our library of books when they had moved to Indiana in 2005, but I didn't have the bookcases until they passed away.  So, I made sure they were organized.  Then when we packed them up, I tried hard not to mix up the categories.  We did pretty good.  But there were some stragglers here and there, or half a box of that went with a half of box of that because of it's location in the house.  Therefore, when I started opening boxes here, I wanted to open them all and do a bit of reorganizing and reintegrating the "lost" books properly.  That's now done.  Now I don't have to display all my books at once.  For example, I don't need any history books past Christ's life, b/c that's how far we'll get in history this year.  Or, I don't need all my language arts books because we are doing that co op.  I don't need all my homeschool help books, on hand all the time, but they will be in the garage if I need to reference them.    I made great headway in all this today, and started tackling last year's planners that never got finished because of the move.  Where we live, we don't have to keep much of a record, but it's something that I like to do to keep track, just in case we move to a state that is more particular about it.  Then I'll start tackling this next year's stuff.  I have 4 weeks until co op starts, hopefully that's enough time.  It should be if I keep at it.  Phew, that's alot about homeschooling.  But it's a big part of our lifestyle.  Yes, it's hard work and it takes time to prepare and teach and guide.  We'll definitely miss Benaiah this year, but maybe he can rejoin us another year, if that's the best fit for everyone.  Only time will tell.  He starts school in 2 weeks!  Ah!

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