Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 241: First Day of Homeschool Co op!

Yes, it was our first day of all day intensive homeschool co op!  Lots of adjusting for us to a classroom type setting (although it's very fluid and relaxed).  It almost felt like our old day craft days in December with our PEI homeschoolers.  Everybody took their turn teaching, we ate lunch together, kids ran around a bit, then we did more classes, cleaned up and went home.  I just have to remind myself that this is every week!  Justin and Keturah got more and more excited as the day went on.  Again, it pulls on my guilty mommy strings because it makes me feel like I'm not exciting enough or I haven't done enough.  But, maybe it's just all new for them.  They do get homework since we only meet 1 time a week, and the older kids in our group especially are earning high school credits.

I didn't have Abishai with me today because Jared was home, and that was a big help as I had to find out where things were and how things really are run throughout the day.  The plan is to bring him in the morning, and then have Grandma pick him up to take him back to our house for naptime.  It's definitely a blessing to be 7 minutes away from the church we meet at!  Especially when I forgot my purse there this afternoon!

We got home, and the kids wanted to get out their stuff and start doing their homework!  I had to tell them, sorry, but, I can't help right now because I need to take the teacher hat off and put on the mommy and housemaid hat on.  I did say to them, because Jared was home, if you want help now, go ask Dad.  He's a parent, and a kids go to their parents to help with homework at night, not the teacher.  Justin needed to look stuff up on the internet, and I was like, no way, you aren't doing it on my computer!  I need to chill and play my game and check on email!  (yes, the game, the silly little train game, I know, it's brainless).  But I did cook supper and then it was off to the grocery store because we are OUT OF FOOD!  Ok, not really, we still had peanut butter and bread and a few other things, but I needed some veggies and fruit and we really had NONE of them.  And I totally forgot Aldi's closes at 8, so we were the last ones out the door of the store.  Whoops!  But the fridge is full and I can cook the rest of the week, yeah!

A few other fun things happened today, like Jared picking up his new to him truck (it's actually 25 years old!)  I'll get a picture of it tomorrow.  Speaking of pictures, I didn't get "first day of co op" pictures because I it was so early this morning and I needed to focus on remembering everything.  We'll squeeze that in tomorrow as we readjust their bags, figure out homework, and set up the rest of our schooling.  Co op would be enough, but the kids will be bored the rest of the week, and there are other things I want to continue with them like our Mystery of History books, poetry & read alouds, Bible, and we'll need to do more math.  Phew, I just wrote a ton, didn't I? Maybe someday when this blog is reread by the kids, it will bring back vivid memories of today.  I like to include some detail, even if it may be boring to some readers, just to put my own thoughts on paper.  In fact, one of the kids' assignments is to write a journal page every week.  Most entries will just be their own thoughts, and some will be guided.  Anyway, it was a full, and busy day.  It was a great day!  Tomorrow is our rest and pick up the pieces from being out all day, day. Lol.  I still need those in between activities days to rest up.  If I haven't mentioned it before, I do have fibromyalgia, so, I only have so much energy to give.  I am in pain 24/7, and if I don't rest, I do get worse.  Plus, life shouldn't feel rushed either.  Everyone should have a slow day or two per week.  That's my advice for what it's worth.

Ok, a couple of pics to share.

History class in action!

We need to add another binder, so we'll be upgrading the bag tomorrow to her backpack.  Excited now for co op!

Jared came outside when we came home to do some carseat switching and I look down and bam! he's got on these!  I was like, woah, you are wearing SANDALS.  Something he hasn't done since high school.  He claims their not sandals, but I say, if you aren't wearing socks, then they are sandals.  Keturah was super excited that they are just like hers only a different color!  Benaiah stopped wearing Sandals when he was like 10, so he's just like his Dad in this (and lots of other ways of course).  Best part is that these cost only $10! Bargain shopper!  Anyway, Jared's family will understand why this is um, a new thing for him and interesting.  At least I think so.  Good night!

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