Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 240: Colorful!

Yeah! Today we had our full new regular Sunday routine!  We go to church on Saturday evenings, so that Abishai can have a good nap on Sundays because we aren't sure how Monday's nap would go with being at our homeschool co op all day.  I also have time to prep for the week on Sunday before we go to our evening activities.  I used to do the weekly prep on Sunday evenings, so this is a shift for me.  Abishai had his nap, we ate a little snack, and then it was off to Grandma and Grandpa's for a little chatting time before Crave (youth group) and Kids' Choir practice.  Abishai gets to stay at Grandma's, while the older kids have their groups.  Jared and I (or whoever takes the kids to church) get to have some quiet time reading or whatever while the three kids are in their groups.  We got home a tad late tonight because we stopped at the grocery store, but typically we should be home in plenty of time to get to bed on time.  We have to be at co op by 8:10am (and thankfully it's less than 10 minutes away!), so it will be an early morning for sure.  Because Jared's schedule is still in flux, he will keep Abishai this week at home, with a little help from Grandma.  That will free me up to get used to where we need to park and what building we use, etc.  We will meet at a sister church to The Creek, which is great!  Can't wait to see it!  So, that's are Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.  We are heading back to a normal routine!

Plus, Jared is now working two part-time jobs! Wahoo!  We have steadier income before our funds ran out!  Praise the Lord!

Lately, Abishai has noticed the pictures that are rotating on my laptop's desktop and points to himself in the picture and smiles.  He said, "baba" too when he saw Benaiah in one of the pictures.  Sweet!

The pictures that are rotating are from 1 year ago, so this one popped up.  It reminded me of the next one.

Abishai, 17 months old.  My how 1 year makes all the difference!
Lazy Sunday mornings.  I don't think we could fit Benaiah on here if we tried.  He is most definitely Jared's size now.

Abishai wedged himself in the chair with Justin so he could read his book, too.

Keturah in her box.  It's green and it's square(ish) and all I could think of to say was, "Are you a creeper (from Minecraft)?  I have no idea why she wanted to do this.  She just did it.

Our Middles Afternoon Mayhem basket aka the read aloud basket aka teatime and poetry aka circle time!  These are the subjects that will be done together in the afternoons while Abishai naps.

Our visit to Grandma's included making a nest with newspaper for Abishai.

Big brother!  Come play with me, please!

Big brother got a new toy, an RC chair, at the yard sale this weekend.

Clean kids ready to get colored on!  The youth group did the colored cornstarch thing, where you throw it up in the air and smear it all over everyone.  Pretty harmless, and I'm told it comes off easily with cold water.

Getting Ready

The cloud of color!  It was supposed to stay between the cones!  It even got on my phone!

Someone didn't want to get his nice pants and shoes dirty.  I can see Jared not wanting to participate either.  Yes, that's Benaiah in the blue shirt.

They were playing music loudly and some, like Justin, were having a dance party!  Some, like Benaiah, don't like to dance (he takes after Jared who doesn't dance, not even at our wedding!)

Colored cornstarch is so much nicer than paint!

Not too bad considering the amount some kids were wearing!

Benaiah messing with his best friend Ethan.

It will be gone with the next rain storm.

Green mustache!
Well, tomorrow is a big day, so I better try to turn in early.  Good night!

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