Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 214: Water Park!

I couldn't let the summer pass me without at least one trip to a water park!  It was a local one part of a large acreage called Garfield Park.  We had been to the park itself multiple times when we lived here, including their conservatory on one of our MOPS activities way back when.  It was quite the day!  We had to pick up Justin's Jurassic Lost World and Jurassic III movies from the library first.  Then we had to put together and send off paperwork to get proof that Abishai is a US Citizen. THEN, when we get that back, we'll be able to apply for his US Passport.  And the money we had to spend on all THAT, well, it's not fun.  We finally got to the park about noon and stayed until 2:30.  That was just long enough for some fun and some sunburns, but not long enough to get ravenous and whiny.  I developed a headache, but that's nothing new.  And Jared developed a nice burn, but again, nothing new for him because he doesn't wear sunscreen (true story, but the rest of us did!)

This afternoon, Abishai got a nice long nap in, Keturah read, Justin watched the Lost World, Benaiah worked on some leftover history lessons from last year, and Jared and I had our own puttering to do.  Then it was a dinner of leftovers.  We polished off about 6 buckets worth!  Granted each container had one or two servings worth in them, but the fridge looks better, i.e. more empty.  We'll need to make a small trip to the grocery store tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I made dentist and doctor appointments today!  I was able to find a doctor that will take us without having insurance yet.  I need some prescriptions refilled and Abishai will need his 18 month shots soon.  Yes, he'll be 18 months on August 13th!  Crazy!  So, lots of progress today.

First one in!  This little water bug practiced holding her breathe under the water and did it for 11 seconds!  She also liked to crawl using her hands in the shallow water.

First thing they did was check out the water playground.  Abishai was ok with this until he got soaking wet and water hit his face the wrong way.  Towards the end though, he enjoyed going through the tunnel you see Justin in.

Abishai hated being in the pool up to his neck!  If it wasn't his idea, he threw a fit!  Granted, he only had a 30 minute nap in the car during our errands and he hadn't had a snack yet.

Little baby footprints!

This one had fun with his independence and went down the two big water slides multiple times.

Abishai did get cold although it was 90 degrees outside.  Here he is on his "throne" with his "tea."  It's actually Jared's tea, but Abishai drank some from his own cup.

I didn't get in the water too much, but hey look, a selfie of the little man and me!

Abishai walked the perimeter of the pool a lot, even zig zagging away from the waves and water spouts.  This part of the pool was zero entry.  The grate was his favorite thing to walk on.

Baby just wanted to stay with mommy!

The pool was 21 inches deep at the end of this slide, so it freaked Abishai out.  He loves slides, so it was a bummer he didn't enjoy going down this one.  He liked this angle though.

Finally, Abishai figured out he could slip down off the edge of the pool and put his feet on the ground and not drown!  He preferred to do it on his own terms and did dance a bit in the water after this. Progress!
Daddy kept trying to get Abishai into deeper water, but Abishai wanted nothing to do with it.  So it was nice when he finally walked over to the pool with Daddy instead of clinging to Mommy. 

A water bottle and an apple.  First, the apple.  Jared gave us an example this morning of how much sugar is in a pop tart by covering a slice of this apple with about a cup of sugar.  Then, when Keturah went to eat the rest of the apple, she rolled it in the remaining sugar.  She didn't finish it.

Can you see the slight green color of the sugar?  It's white sugar, but because the sun was coming through the green water bottle, it just looks like the sugar is green.  Keturah discovered this fact!  Science!

Speaking of science, Justin's been reading a book of fun things, including experiments.  And in it, was table football!  I knew Jared knew how to do it, but it was fun to watch Justin explain the rules from the book to him.  Justin begged for Jared to play table football with him.

See the white triangle between Jared's hands and his head?  That's the "football."  Touchdown!

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