Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 239: More storms!

Yes, we thought it was going to be a clear day, and then boom! And a few more booms and a few more hours of storms!  I actually zoomed out on the radar and there was a line of storms from southern Indiana all the way up to Canada through Michigan!  We were actually in a quieter portion of the storm system this time.  As you can tell, we do love weather, at least Jared and I do.  We follow the weather patterns, temperature changes, cool clouds, sea ice, how big snow piles are, hail, etc.  For me, I think it has to do with a weather forecaster from my childhood who had this squeaky voice, that came and talked with some of our homeschoolers (or was I in public school at that point? I can't remember).  Or maybe we love weather, because we can immediately see God's handiwork, and humans are totally not in control of it.  The water cycle is one of my favorite things I learned when I was young.  Jared has said while we were in Canada, that he missed hearing the thunderstorms.  We did have maybe 3 while we were there, but because of where we lived, we didn't get the lightning and thunder.  We did get rain, just not the actual stormy part.

Anyway, average day otherwise.  We had to keep the kids off of electronics because they fought yesterday about it.  I think that punishment hurts me more than the kids sometimes because than I have to make more of an effort to engage them.  I played Othello with Keturah and talked about the Flash with Justin.  We went over Bible Bowl and Grandpa Bible Class.  They did watch Daddy play Minecraft.  And they read books of course.  We definitely need to start school next week.

Then it was time for an early dinner and church.  And a special treat on the way home.  Two things to note, one being that I think Abishai was trying to say, "Ready, set, go!" when he threw toys out of the bathtub yesterday.  Tonight, he saw the computers at the sign in desk for the kids area and pointed and made a two syllable word indicating "buttons!" which is what we call remotes and PS4 controllers.  Same thing with "diaper," he'll try to copy us when we say "diaper" and head towards the changing area.  Smart kid!

Buttons! My little laundry helper.  He also shuts doors, on the dryer, or the door to the laundry room, cupboard doors when left open.  He's a neat and tidy one!

Justin does his best to entertain himself.  He found a great book that Grandma Johnson gave the boys a year or so ago with lots of fun tricks and experiments.  This one was about emptying a teabag and cutting of the ends to make a cylinder.  Then you light it on fire and watch what happens.

Wow!  I actually did capture the moment!!  We thought it wouldn't work, but it did!  Because of the temperature of the air and the air pressure inside and outside of the cylinder changing, the teabag took flight!  So cool!

If you look closely, you can see the bits of teabag floating in the air towards the left side of the picture.  The book Justin used is in the bottom of the picture.

Jared is one step closer to finding some semi permanent work, so we celebrated with a little bit of Arby's.  Can you guess what flavor shake this is?  Jamocha!  Jared and I both love that flavor from Arby's.  Although it was after 7pm, we let the kids have some.  It does contain some coffee, but the kids went to bed just fine.  Abishai would devour it if we let him.  He had already spent all his energy at church though in the nursery and running up and down the hallways.  It's so funny to watch him use that big space to run away from us!

Mr. Dimples.

Curly fries, roast beef and cheese, and Jamocha shake.  Mmm....I had about 1/4 of the shake.  Lots of sugar, but oh so yummy.  There's a gluten covering on the fries, so I only ate one of those.  Just in case you cared.  And I know some of you actually do.
The fundraiser at Benaiah's school finished up today.  No word on what the final tally was.  We're going to try to participate in some way with every fundraiser, but it's going to be hard to find the time with homeschool co op starting next week.  Tomorrow is a normal Sunday of naps and youth group/choir.  Oh yeah, and the youth group is doing something fun involving colors.  Stay tuned for that!

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