Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Day 229: Indiana State Fair Day!

Babies woke up early today, so we got off to an early start at the fair!  This was great because I had to pick up tickets from someone before heading in.  The fairground is right in the city!  It was a bit cooler today, and cloudy, which was great!  We were there for about 4 1/2 hrs, and by then it was getting just a little too warm for us indoor people.  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

The middles weren't into getting their pictures taken that often today, so this is the best I got of the traditional "kids in the tractor tire" picture.  I think it's cute anyway.

I'm not sure how many they were, but I think each Indiana county decorated a Bison to represent themselves.  We picked a random one to take a picture of. 

Indiana is celebrating it's bicentennial and since the bison is a part of the Indiana emblem, here it is again!

The kids liked the tractors.  In fact, they looked for a couple of fun tractors to try.

Abishai loves anything that goes, and he did NOT want to get down from driving the tractor!

A couple of fun floats from a recent parade.

Happy 200th birthday, Indiana!

Cutting planks the old fashioned way.

Lots of steam.

Rough cut planks!

Harvesting wheat the old fashioned way!

We saw a few animals today.  A lot of them have already gone home though.  There's only a few days left.  The fair runs for two weeks and 3 weekends.


Abishai's new best friend!  Thanks to our friends the Dewars, who got Abishai his first John Deere tractor, complete with piggies and noises for the pigs and the tractor, Abishai has fallen in love with pigs!

This face says it all! He was happy to have found a new friend and even touched the pig's nose!

Biggest pig (in the world?).  A boar, 7 years old, 1,200lbs!

He desperately wanted to play with the two week old piglets.

We decided on what to do and see before we got to the fair, so we made sure to get to the shows in time.  We enjoyed some BMX and parkour tricks!  There was a fence between the parkour stuff and myself, so I didn't get out many good pictures.

55 years old, this guy must have been there when BMX started out over 30 years ago!  But boy does he still have all the tricks!

The draft horse barn was being cleaned in between two days of shows, so we didn't get to see the horses.  Bummers!

Justin was afraid that the sheep was going to bite Abishai's hand off.  These were some BIG sheep!

My indulgence today that I will pay for later.  A funnel cake with berry topping and icing.  We shared it of course and it was super yummy.  Our other fair treats included dippin' dots and an orange (not lemon) shake up.  Super expensive.  That's why I aim to get discounted tickets.  Next year if we are still here, I'm going to plan to go on a day where there are $2 concessions.

Getting tired and it's getting hot.

A good shot of Justin's boo-boo (he doesn't like me using that word though) and how it's healing.  Yummy funnel cake! Justin ended up with a headache and couldn't attend Bible Bowl  We are such indoor people that we have to be careful not to overdo it outside for things like this.

The temperature part of this quote doesn't apply here, but it definitely feels like when the fair is over, the summer if over.

I asked Benaiah if he wanted to go to the fair last week before school started, and he said no.  These are the times I going to miss having my kids together though.  I'm just so used to doing outings like this as a family.  Bummers.  But at least it was dry and not too hot and we had lots of stories to tell Daddy when we got home.  Yeah! #survivedtheIndianaStateFair

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