Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day 230: 3 dirty diapers, 2 loads of laundry, and 1 runny nose! (sing along with me!)

(12 days of Christmas was the tune in my head all day if you couldn't tell). Oh yes! Another early morning, just what I wanted! Plus 3 dirty diapers in 2 hrs! It was THAT kind of day.  Ok, not totally, and it was good to get going early because my to do list is super long as we head into the last stretch before the rest of our activities are in full swing.  Plus, Jared was working(!) at a construction job today.  Yeah!  A little bit of income to tide us over until full employment comes long (hopefully, prayerfully soon).  So, it was a full day, and yes, I was the one with the runny nose (silly head cold!)

I didn't set foot outside our front door today, yeah! I like days like that.  I should have gone outside to "play" and get some fresh air, but I couldn't find a good time for it without giving up something else.  Plus it's still hot and muggy, and after being outside yesterday for a long time, I/we didn't seem up to it.  Well, Abishai was, he always is, and that's because he's sleeping 3 1/2 hr to 4 hr naps every day!  But now he's waking up early again, so maybe it's time to cut down on the nap a bit!  Or maybe he's growing a ton!

This is Abishai's "praying" face!

I told the kids to pick out a package of chips at the store and Justin purposefully choose Pringles so he could do the EPIC duck lips!

Abishai helping Daddy with his new safety glasses.

Abishai thinks he needs to go to work with Daddy and his new tools.

Buttons and lights!

This kid read 375 pages of Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief in 24 hrs!
Foggy morning.

We had great fun watching the backhoe and cement trucks today!

Perfect for little construction workers like Abishai, although, he's more like a bulldozer these days.

Always reading.

Sister! THIS is how you should read to me!

Justin wants full rights in the kitchen, and he's almost there.  I still hang around for the putting it in and out of the oven part.  I told him he can bake as often as he would like IF he cleans up after himself.  AND he can make me my paleo muffins too!  I have always been hesitant to bake because of the mess it makes.

TWO cement trucks!

Pouring the concrete to fix the road.  Too bad Abishai was taking his 4 hr nap through this noise.

Abishai, with a little help, discovered a new trick right in time to show Daddy!  He climbed up on me and then the back of the couch, so I showed him how to use the armrest instead.  He thinks it's hilarious to get up there and then roll back down, sometimes rolling onto the floor too!

That smile says it all!

Yup, he did it!  Up next: learning how to walk down the back of the couch.  Eek!

These two had a blast today playing with the leash backpack.  I need Abishai to get used to it because he's a runner.  I had a hard time controlling him yesterday at the fair when he wasn't in the stroller.
Benaiah has had a fun time at school this week!  It was Spirit Week, aka, SHARK WEEK, all week of course.  He refused to dress in purple or die his hair purple today, but it looks like he enjoyed the other activities anyway.  Jared probably didn't do much for Spirit Week either.  I think I would have tried to do it a bit.  And it looks like they mixed up the grades into teams, too.  They also came up with cheers for SCS.  Too funny!  Now, get back to studying!  No more fun and games! Lol.  I'm sure they will.  These were probably some great bonding moments for them.

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