Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 232: Water!

Today was another day of all of us doing our own thing at home.  I worked on school prep (yes, there's way too much of that to do!)  Justin practiced Bible Bowl.  Benaiah mowed lawns yesterday and went to the gym yesterday and today.  He got home last night and did more homework!  Keturah read and played Lego.  And Abishai was a tornado.  Actually, he got up early at 6:30am this morning.  So, he started to melt down at 10:30 and Jared put him in timeout in his crib.  Well, he fell asleep!  He did stay asleep for 2 1/2 hrs or so, but then he was awake from 2pm until 9pm.  Crazy!  Jared played with kids on the floor, read his book, and played video games with the kids.

I finally added water to Abishai's water table.  I was just afraid that a bunch of water would seep through the cement floor of the porch to the neighbor's porch.  So, I watched it carefully and kept it at the outside edge.  Abishai loved it of course!  I should have done it sooner in the summer.  Abishai didn't end up too wet or dirty.  So, all is well.  And then we went to church tonight.

When asking Keturah what she learned about at church, she talked about the science experiment they did (it's part of this fall's theme).  Then she said the Bible stories were about Elizabeth and Adam.  Say what?!  After quizzing her further and not getting a clear answer, I emailed one of the kids pastors to clarify.  They actually studied Abram and Sarai.  Wow, hilarious!  That didn't translate well for Keturah.  I hope the other kids remember it correctly.

After church, we got a great "full circle" moment of Benaiah chasing Abishai through the church pews just like Jared chasing Benaiah through the pews 13 years ago.  Benaiah's best friend Ethan got into it as well.  It was so sweet because Abishai wanted to wrestle with Ethan!  I guess he could tell Ethan was safe because he was hanging out with Baba.

Keturah getting into the water play.


He wasn't sure if it was ok to get water on his legs and toes.  He tried wiping them off.

Fluff butt.

Splish splash.

Abishai tried to move the water from the table to the bucket with his bare hands!  I then showed him how to do it with a cup.  But too funny!

Bible Bowl practice with Daddy.

Our turn for pretty skies.

Abishai drawing on the Leappad!

Yes, we did this with Benaiah, too.  And yes, it made me super nervous, but I actually suggested it after doing the water table today.

Benaiah and his buddy Ethan chasing Abishai.

Jared had just done this with Abishai 15 minutes earlier.  Crazy how similar Jared and Benaiah are.  And yet, Benaiah talks a ton more than Jared did at that age.  We tease him and say he's trying to get out his 10,000 words a day.  He'll be a great communicator some day.  He already is.

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