Our Family

Our Family
Benaiah, Justin, Melinda, Abishai, Keturah, and Jared

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 236: Sirens! Clouds! Oh my!

Well, I am very excited to show what we did today, but not as excited as to tell you all about the severe thunderstorms we had this afternoon.  Oh my goodness!  The severe weather/tornado sirens went off and on for two hrs.  We had 3 huge downpours, with almost no rain in between.  There was a a Starbucks and several homes flattened 1 hour north of us. AND there was a funnel cloud/tornado touchdown a few blocks northeast of us!  We watched the cloud gathering for it from our porch!  I love weather, alway have, and I would definitely be one of those waiting until the last minute to get somewhere safe.  Plus, I just don't like panicking the kids (even if I'm panicked) if I don't need to.  We did go to our basement when we had one in Beech Grove a couple of times.  And I know we would need to go to one of our bathrooms or kindly ask a neighbor downstairs to hang out there if necessary.  We both watched the news and radar carefully.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in Kokomo or in Indianapolis as far as I know.  But then, a friend posted on Facebook about being 15 miles or so from a major forest fire out west.  And then I also heard about the massive earthquake in Italy.  Wow!  Kind of makes our funnel clouds seem like nothing.

So, that was fun.  What wasn't fun was all the bees, hornets and wasps we've been finding on our porch, inside the house and near our garage.  We have some large crab apple trees, so they have a lot to feast on.  We tried going outside today, but they hornets wouldn't leave us alone.  Very frustrating not being able to be outside when it is nice out!  None of us are allergic that I know of (Abishai's never been stung though, so I'm super nervous about that), thank goodness!  We'll have to work on that, probably letting our landlord know and at least asking if the apple could be picked up or something.

But, the good things: we are hopefully purchasing a second vehicle in the next few days!  A small pickup truck, 1991 Nissan!  Fun times!  We haven't had a truck since Jared's 1990 F-150 which he bought when we were first dating.  It's a manual shift, so I won't be driving it, and it will only fit half of us, but if it gets Jared to and from work, that's the point!  What a relief!

Otherwise, it was a pretty normal at home day.

Every day needs to start with a Lego battle on your countertop.  This is a combination of a video game based on Greek gods and DC characters.  Hm,...

Justin's favorite toy!  Lego minifigures!

A dream come true for me!  I got to say, "Yes, you may paint!" and all the supplies were handy!  

Check out these flowers!  Very creative!  I had no idea she could do that!


Keturah's Bible Class with Grandpa and the cousins, Nora and Everly.

What do you do when you want a nap and your room is being used for Bible class?  Find a bed somewhere else!  Jared's having a nap in the boys' room.

Poor cement guys.  I could tell they were rushing to get done before the big storm!

Benaiah and Justin's Bible class is actually a quizzing type game called Bible Bowl.  They will basically memorize most of Exodus and parts of Deuteronomy and Numbers.  The boys had practice tonight.

Her favorite new spot to watch TV.  Comfy/cozy in our bed!

See the different between the dark and light clouds?  The dark clouds were rapidly going up.  We think this might have been part of the tornado that touched down a few blocks from us.

Mid storm

Ah, beautiful clouds after the storm finished!

Our little monkey

Storm has subsided and we are safe!

I watched some of the new live online and this is a picture of their video camera on top of one of the high rises downtown.  I think it's facing north/northeast.  Dark, dark clouds.

Safe and sound and ready for bed!

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